5 Exotic Hotels which you must consider if you relish exploring new places


When you plan to visit someplace during vacations the prior thing is looking for hotels because your travelling can be troublesome if you don’t get to stay in a comfortable place. What if we tell you that a mere hotel can be your final vacationist destination, sounds strange, right! 

Here is a list of 5 unusual hotels in the world which gives you the best experience by bare staying in the hotel:

1. Chai Lai Orchid Hotel in Thailand

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Imagine staying in a jungle with animals and all the necessities like food, shelter and wi-fi of course. The Chai Lai Orchid is an elephant reserve cum a hotel. It is a nature retreat nestled beside the river and surrounded by rich tropical forest. There are small cottages and bungalows for the visitors which you can get alongside a river or at mountains within the forest reserve which allows you to experience nature from the closest. You can see elephants everywhere, spend your days swimming with them in the river or walking with them in the forest. The Chai Lai Orchid is currently working to preserve more elephants from brutal conditions, so every visit counts.

2. Manta Resort in Zanzibar

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What if I tell you that you can stay in a comfortable room beneath water waves, watching colourful groups of fish darting by; you may find it crazy but Manta Resort in Zanzibar gives you this pleasure at reasonable prices. This floating hotel is constructed with three levels. The first and second above water, so you can enjoy the sun and the calmness of being alone out in the open, and the third, where the bedroom is – underneath the waves. The hotel is located in Pemba, which is well known for being a wonderful diving spot with a huge variety of sea life to admire. Stay at this hotel may cost you about $1500 but it is worth the experience to enjoy the isolation from the outside world with peace and phenomenal underwater beauty.

3. Aescher Cliff Guesthouse in Switzerland

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If someone heads to Switzerland he/she is likely to visit the Alps, which makes up to 65% of the country. But do you know about a cosy restaurant, The Aescher Guesthouse where you can feast with a picturesque view of the Alps? The guesthouse is located in a most dubious position, clinging to the foot of a vertical cliff face above the village of Wasserauen.

The restaurant opens from May to until November and stays close in winters. If you like outdoors hiking or enjoy an exciting location, this place should be on your bucket list.

4. Inntel Hotel Amsterdam Zaandam in the Netherlands

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The hotel is celebrated for its extraordinary architecture which is a blend of various traditional houses to be found in the Zaan region. It has a strange shape and multi-coloured wooden exterior and a waterfall originating outside the dining room. The interiors of the modern hotel rooms exhibit the rich history of the Zaan area; the traditional products, the pioneers of the local craft industries and the families which made the area world-famous. In short, it provides the best of tradition combined with modern-day comfort. Besides the nostalgic rooms, the hotel offers a Wellness Club with swimming pool, Bar & Restaurant Puur Saen and free Wi-Fi.

5. Hotel Papaya Playa Project in Mexico

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Hotel Papaya Playa Project is located at a private beach with eco-friendly beachfront cabins and cottages on Mayan Riviera in Tulum. It offers charming accommodations with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea with a 24-hour front desk availability. The hotel organizes a weekly event every Saturday and a monthly event on the full moon. All the events feature music from international DLs at its beach bar. The hotel comprises of a spa specialized in Mayan Shaman therapies along with other popular amenities. The Hotel Papaya Playa Project oozes salubrious creativity-from organic, locally sourced meals served on the terrace of the beach club to cocktail and jam sessions at the resort’s creative pop-up Tribal Room. 




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