7 Conspiracy Theories That You Would Definitely Want To Believe In


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1. The Facebook Hot Mic

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While using Facebook, we all have come through these ads and pop-ups on our timeline about the products or places we discussed with our friends in the inbox recently. This situation is quite often with everyone on Facebook.

The conspiracy regarding this says, Facebook uses complex algorithms to peek inside your private conversations and amplifies ads on your timeline based on the topics you discussed. For example, if you are discussing new smartphones with your friend, you will soon come through ads about recently launched smartphones. However, recently Facebook has been alleged of mishandling customer data, so maybe. Facebook has been certainly in news for compromising the data of its users, but the evidence of it being actually true hasn’t been found.


2. Micheal Jordan was facing suspension from the NBA

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The basketball legend announced retirement on 6th October 1993 at an early age of just 20, leaving sports fans all around the world in shock. He said that he had lost interest in the game and signed a minor league baseball contract in 1994. But he came back on the basketball court in March 1995.

Conspiracy theorists claim that Micheal Jordan was facing a one-year suspension for gambling from the NBA. They claim that Jordan was too competitive to walk away from the NBA. There was no coverage or investigation of the incident from mainstream media because Jordan’s image was too important to be damaged.


3. The fashion Industry keeps the pocket of women attires small so they need to buy purses

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This is the popular and the closest conspiracy theory you could come to. The theory states that purse and dressmaker companies are conspiring to keep the pockets on women’s dresses small. They aim to make women buy purses to carry their belongings instead of pockets. The theory is supported by the fact that women would like the idea of having usable pockets on their dresses to carry handy belongings. Fashion companies claim ‘large pockets will make the attires look clunky’ seems less tempting to facts. Theorists compare them to men’s dresses which have large usable pockets and still look good.


4. Facebook amplifies the mixing of social circles to get more engagement

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The theory states that Facebook creates situations of conflicts among various social circles to increase their engagement on the social media network. This includes amplifying posts that conflict with a particular social ideology to boost likes, comments, views, and sales. Theorists claim more people engaging online will make more money for Facebook hence, they use offence and conflict between people to tempt users for viewing, commenting, or buying from pop-up ads.


5. The Titanic tragedy was intentional


As a lot of conspiracy theory states that Titanic and it’s sinking is fictional, here is another theory which doesn’t deny the existence of Titanic and the sad tragedy of it.

However, this theory tells that there were two huge ships with similar looks and dimensions owned by the same company named Olympic and Titanic. The theory claims that the company had insurance for the ships of which Olympic had suffered damages due to an accident during a voyage, but the insurer denied to pay up. The company later renamed the damaged Olympic ship to ‘Titanic’ which sunk midway through the journey. The company received enough money to recover the damage of both the ships. For authentication, conspiracy theorists refer to the fact that the Captain of the ship waited for about 25 minutes before he sent the distress signal.


6. The first Cosmonaut in space never came back

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Officially, Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space however conspiracy theorists don’t quite agree with it. They claim that Yuri was the first man in space who made it ‘back to earth’. This theory seems tempting due to the secretiveness of the Soviet Union on their space programs. It was after the Soviet Union, documents related to the space programs broke out revealing massive speculations about the same. Apart from that, Space programs were very new to the world with under-developing discoveries about space, thus there were no measures to know about the survival in space. This conspiracy theory seems believable as attaining such success at the time when space discoveries were confined to so less in little suspecting.


7. Stephen Hawking was hacked

Image Credit: The Atlantic

We all know who Stephen Hawking was and what is his aura in the scientific field. One of the pillars of modern science was hacked? This conspiracy theory is quite unbelievable but yet tempting to suspects. This theory states that the Physicist was hacked with the help of his chair. The same chair which was fully equipped with technological aids to assist Hawking with communication while he suffered from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). The claim is that Hawking’s ability to type words had slowed to just single words. However, he was somehow still able to write articles and appear on shows for so long.


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