7 Films Revolving Around Writers

How often does it happen that we see movies which have writers as principal characters, although it is the writers who pen down the films we see. Today, let's check some of the films which gave us a peek into the writer's world.

7 Films Revolving Around Writers

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Over time, cinema has captured various professions, we get a glimpse of individuals from different fields. But it’s not very often that we find a cinema showing us the lives of writers who are important people for cinema to exist in the first place.

Today, we at BuzzPedia have brought some films which present us with some glimpses of the writers’ lives-

1. Paterson

In the vein of films on poets, here’s another one depicting a poet’s day-to-day living.

Image Source: vox

Paterson (Adam Driver) is a bus driver and poet who lives with his wife Laura in Paterson, New Jersey (played by Golshifteh Farahanias). Jim Jarmusch directed this drama/comedy.

2. Kill Your Darlings

Another film with a large number of real-life authors and a strong cast. Alan Ginsberg is played by Daniel Radcliffe, William Burroughs is played by Ben Foster, and Jack Kerouac is played by Jack Huston.

Image Source: IMDb

Kill Your Darlings (directed by John Krokidas) explores the narrative of what happens when a murder brings these three prominent beat poets together in their younger years (1944).

3. Stranger Than Fiction

If you didn’t think a Will Ferrell film could make you cry, you haven’t seen this one. Or maybe we are just a crier. In any case, Marc Forster’s love drama/fantasy/comedy is worth seeing.

Image Source: mubi

It’s about Harold Crick (Will Ferrell), a man whose life is turned upside down when he discovers that his life is being written by a famous author (Emma Thompson).

Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Queen Latifah also star.

4. The Ghost Writer

It is a political thriller based on the narrative of a ghostwriter hired to produce an autobiography of a former British Prime Minister.

Image Source: mubi

An accident claimed the life of the previous author who was working on this project. Although the contract appears good, the work entails learning far more than the main character had anticipated.

All of this culminates in a series of perilous and life-threatening escapades.

5. Becoming Jane

Becoming Jane is a biographical drama about Jane Austen, a mysterious 20-year-old woman, and Thomas Lefroy, her romantic interest.

Image Source: hanwayfilms

In some ways, the film is quite poetic, and it depicts Austen’s existence as a woman in the 18th century, as well as her path as a writer, in a very well-versed way.

6. Stuck In Love

After his wife leaves him for another man, an accomplished writer feels bereft. He navigates the difficulties of love with his adolescent children.

Image Source: screen queens

This film is family-friendly, with a unique plot and outstanding acting.

7. The Words

Rory Jansen, a poor writer, is the central character of this American mystery romance drama.

Image Source: youtube

He writes a novel and becomes famous suddenly. He does, however, pay the price for borrowing someone else’s story.

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