Join us in celebrating of LGBTQ+ community this June with the best movie line-up.


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Pride month is here for you all! And we can’t contain our excitement. We celebrate people uniting in love and friendship across the world in June.

While we all love to wave the colorful flags and participate in larger-than-life parades, we do carve cozy nights too. Guess what?! We have brought together a sensational selection of movies for you to watch.

Here is the list of the world’s best queer movies-

1. Pariah (2011)

A masterpiece revolving around a young lesbian girl, trying to find acceptance within her family. The story depicts the minute details of coming out to family members; the disapproval, unacceptance, and awkwardness.


But this film brings out the journey in a beautiful way. It’s easy to connect, Adepero Oduye’s performance is one of a kind. In the end, she says the line “I’m not running, I’m choosing”. It’s a must-watch.

2. Call me by your name (2018)

Should we introduce the ever-charming Timothee Chalamet? Set in the early 1970s Italy he portrays Elio, a teenager who falls for his father’s assistant.


While Elio is well aware that this relationship is temporary, he comes to terms with his sexuality. A beautiful movie to watch and it should definitely be on your list.

3. Half of it (2020) 

Being a teenager in this unapologetic world is already hard enough, but having to come out and accept yourself is definitely harder.

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Half of it has beautifully depicted that in the best way. The subject of this movie is intense and stands out. The addition? Super cute love stories.

4. A fantastic woman (2017)

Marina, a young transgender woman comes to a standstill after the untimely death of her older boyfriend. She goes through the trauma of blame put on her both by the police and her boyfriend’s family.


This film played a major role in Chile’s gender identity law. The main character was portrayed by a transgender artist.

5. Memories in March (2010)

A mother mourns her son’s death after his fatal accident. When she digs deeper into the details she stumbles upon her son’s most guarded secret. It’s one of the finest films by Sanjoy Nag.

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The mother tries to come to terms with all these factors. The film has a national award under its name. Don’t think you’ll need another reason to watch it.

6. 2gether: the movie (2021)

2gether: The movie is based on a novel by the same name by JittiRain.


The story’s main plot revolves around a student who wants to get rid of a gay admirer so he asks a friend who suggests he get a pretend boyfriend the story takes a turn when the acting turns into true feelings. A cute film to watch.

7. Loev (2015)

Jai and Sahil are childhood friends, the movie is a journey of their passion, breaking boundaries, and longing for someone.


They meet up for a small getaway, only to rekindle their relationship and make up for the lost chances. This movie is definitely a milestone for Indian cinema as it takes a positive step toward queer films.

8. Portrait of a lady on fire (2019)

Set in 18th century France. It’s a beautiful and profoundly original work of art. The film captures the fact that love is love in a very good way.

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Marianne and Heloise, are two women brought together by destiny. Marianne is hired by Heloise’s mother to paint her portrait and what follows is a beautiful work of art.

9. Blue is the warmest color (2013)

This film has one of the most heart-touching stories, which is shown in a raw manner which is also the best part of the film.


A story about a relationship that is still considered taboo in many parts of the world. Social stratification, the need of being true to oneself is also portrayed well. It remains true to its core.

These movies bring out the beauty of life. They show us that each individual is different, it shows us the side of the world that needs acceptance.

It reminds us that it doesn’t take anything for respecting an individual for what they are. Let’s celebrate this month with pride. Tell us what you think of these movies.

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