9 things you should know about your haters

Whatever you’re doing in life, people will judge, support, ignore, or hate on your work. We, at the Second Angle, have listed 9 things you didn’t know about your haters.


As you know success and haters go hand in hand. In fact, a good indicator that you’re on the correct path and you’re doing something right is the haters. We don’t know a single person who has achieved massive success without pissing off a bunch of people. Whatever you’re doing in life, people will judge, support, ignore, or hate on your work.

We, at the Second Angle, have listed 9 things you didn’t know about your haters.

  1. If they could’ve done it better, but they would’ve done it already: Case close. Mic drop. This is the main reason why people hate. If your hater could have done a better job at whatever it is that you’re doing than you then they would’ve done it already. The world doesn’t work on ‘what if’s, it rewards those who take action, pursue their passion and goals.
  2. They want to bring you down to justify their mediocre and failed life: If you are passionate about something and are hustling your way to success, you don’t have time to hate others. Hating on other people is actually time-consuming, you need to take time out of your life to stalk other people for extended periods of time. Hoping that your mean comments would somehow affect the life of someone who does not even know you. The reason why they are hating on you is that if you were to fail it would make them feel better about their miserable lives.
  3. They will never amount to anything unless they change: Haters are just a part of the crowd. In order to make a difference you need to do things differently, you stand out of the crowd, try something new, fail, learn, improve, and pursue your dreams. Being a hater is not constructive, they are not adding value so let them waste their time.
  4. They have a limited mindset: For some reasons, haters think there is a limited amount of success out there. By that logic, if you are getting your share, you’re probably taking it from them or someone they believe is more worthy than you.
  5. They are not happy: Happy people don’t hate on other people’s happiness. They just don’t. Why would they? Hate only comes from a dark place within oneself. Once you realize this you kind of feel sorry for your haters. They are not happy and for some reasons instead of doing something about it they hope that if you were also to lose your happiness, that would somehow normalize their situation and they would feel differently.
  6. They are scared of change: They are scared of the inevitable. Change is the only thing that is constant whether you like it or not. You need to remember is that if you’re too afraid to change you would get left behind. The future belongs to those who are the quickest to adapt. Haters are scared to try new things. They are so scared that it bothers them that you are not as sacred as them.
  7. They are filled with envy: You know what they say, those you can’t envy those who can. When a hater sees someone doing well they don’t feel inspired, they feel envious. They are simply jealous of all that you have achieved and just because they are unable to reach where you are they try to pull you down.
  8. They will justify your success as luck not hard work: When they can’t understand it they’ll say you just got lucky or that you had connections. They’ll say anything in order to justify themselves why you got it, but don’t really deserve it. They’ll say anything they can but the thing is you’ll get luckier with more and more hard work.
  9. Haters are going to hate: The last thing we want you to remember is that no matter what you do, you’ll never make everyone happy. Trying to please everyone is setting yourself up for failure. Taylor Swift is right, ‘Players gonna play and haters gonna hate.’

How do you deal with your haters? Do you engage with them or do you simply ignore them? Let us know in the comments.

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