A Burger Tour of Connecticut

There are plenty of great things about the state of Connecticut, but the food history is perhaps the most remarkable. New England lobster rolls are a true icon of the seaside. Freshly made apple cider vinegar is a beacon of the farming country. Cheeseburgers, in particular those of the steamed variety, are famous statewide and we’re going to hunt down some of the best around today. So, if you’ve got a weekend spare and the urge to clock up a few miles then this burger tour might be just the adventure for you to set out on.

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A good burger is a wonderful thing and Connecticut is famous for them

Guy Fieri’s Foxwoods Kitchen

Hotel food can be hit and miss, but when you’ve got a whole resort to explore, you’re almost guaranteed to get some great food. Foxwoods Resort is home to dozens of great eateries, but if you’re after the ultimate burger indulgence then you’ve got to head to Guy Fieri’s Foxwoods Kitchen. You’ll find the restaurant on the casino floor of the Grand Pequot Tower, perfect for playing a few games once you’ve finished eating.

Guy Fieri is known for his love of big bold flavours and all-American indulgence, and the menu at his restaurant does not disappoint. The Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Burger is without a doubt the naughtiest burger on the menu, a double patty topped with creamy mac and cheese made with six kinds of cheese, as well as crispy grilled applewood smoked bacon. It’s lifted with lettuce, tomatoes, onions (both fresh sliced and crispy fried), pickles and the housemade donkey sauce, all squeezed into a garlicky brioche bun. If you’ve got room for dessert then their seven-layered dark chocolate whiskey cake is truly divine, but suffice to say that all of the burgers are more than generously sized!

Haywire Burger Bar

The next stop is Haywire Burger Bar, which prides itself on serving delicious burgers made in-house, from the highest quality meat. All of their beef is from Black Angus cattle that are pasture raised and fed a diet that is not supplemented with hormones or antibiotics. The result is a deliciously juicy burger that puts animal welfare, the local environment and its customers’ health first.

The whole menu is dedicated to burgers, which is always great to see. Unlike Guy’s restaurant, the burgers are pared back and not oversized. There’s a relatively short menu, where you’ll find all of the classics, as well as some of Haywire’s own creations. The Brewpub Pretzel is a delicious creation that strays just far enough from the classic cheeseburger to be truly inventive, without taking away from what’s really great about a good burger. Their signature beef burger is sat on a pretzel bun and topped with Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, bacon and beer mustard – a condiment that doesn’t get nearly enough appreciation.

Ted’s Restaurant

Steaming the burger makes the cheese extra gooey

Finally, it wouldn’t be a burger tour of Connecticut without a steamed burger and the best place in the state for that might just be Ted’s Restaurant in Meriden. Ted’s is a family-owned restaurant that has been in business in this very spot since 1959, so it would be fair to say they’ve had quite some time to perfect their recipe. A steamed cheeseburger topped with any of their standard toppings will cost just $7.50 at this restaurant, so it’s by far the best for those on a budget. There are a selection of premium toppings including crumbled blue cheese, bacon, and fried onion strings that each cost less than $2.

If you really want to push the boat out then go for a sticky steamy cheeseburger from the Ted’s Creations list. These burgers are topped with a combination of ingredients that have kept Ted’s in business all of these years. It’s safe to say that you won’t find a vegan option here, it’s all about the meat. The Western Sunrise is particularly delicious; it’s a combination of steamed cheeseburger and egg, bacon, onion and jalapenos.

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