A Perfect Gift To Celebrate Love: Badhaai Do Music Album

Badhaai Do is a gift for lovers, be it for the plot or the songs. Let's dig deeper into the playlist.

Badhaai Do Music Album

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Badhaai Do celebrates love irrespective of gender. It offers the important aspect that love doesn’t need any barriers, we can love anyone, and it doesn’t have to be restricted to only one gender.

What it also offers are some amazing songs.

Songs that will make you want to dance in love and sing a few couplets out of love to your partner. Let’s check them out-

1. Atak Gaya

When you start looking for that one person in the crowd and all that is going on around in your life, when only one name comes to mind during every prayer, and when every time a notification comes up, you think it’s them, you know you’ve fallen in love.

When you begin to feel a tender spot in your heart. That’s when you realize that “Kuch Chatak Gaya hai, Yeh Mann Atak Gaya Hai” is true.

2. Maange Manzooriyaan

In relationships there comes a point where you feel you want to talk to your significant other and you’re only a few steps apart but can’t get the guts to approach.

Who knows, maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s denial. However, all you require is acceptance.

This is similar to how you feel about your lover when you live with them – you’re frightened you’ll disappoint each other, but don’t be; simply accept the happiness you deserve.

3. Hum Thay Seedhe Saadhe

People change as a result of love, and you can only wonder how your personality develops. Finding the perfect person can sometimes be enough to help you find yourself.

Your eyes, which used to wander aimlessly, now have vision because you see things differently. You have grown as a person with your significant other.

Accepting love and all the bittersweet fun that comes with it is the subject of this song. Amit Trivedi never ceases to amaze us.

4. Hum Rang Hai

“Apni Yeh Duniya Utni Haseen Hai, Jitni Haseen Hum Hai” is a song that seeks to educate you on the most important thing in life.

At the end of the day, it’s your happiness that matters, and love can make you happier than anything else. When you are happy, even the darkest places seem brighter, so love and acceptance as it comes.

This is without a doubt the album’s best song and Amit Trivedi’s gift to us all who are in love, and who will eventually fall in the fall. 

5. Badhaai Do Title Track

The mood set by Nakash Aziz and Tanishq Bagchi serves as the appropriate representation of the happiness on this track, which is full of celebration and joy.

Weddings are moments for the entire family to get together and celebrate with their loved ones.

All you want to take away are happy memories so that when you look back at them you can relive these moments again. This is a perfect song for those memories. 

6. Bandi Tot

This song offers humorous relief and hilariously depicts a type of one-sided love that you’re hesitant to confess even to yourself.

It takes a different method to embrace that kind of love than the sad, sorrowful approach depicted in other songs.

It clearly shows the feeling we have when we don’t know how the other person is feeling or is going to react. All the emotions we go through in that one-sided love. That is the time to embrace. 

7. Gol Gappa

This song is set in a delightful mood. Starting with a simple black-and-white background, we gradually gain a better understanding of the song’s underlying beauty.

It doesn’t matter if you understand the lyrics or not; it hits you like something you can dance to right away.

The song is more than just good beats and aesthetic beauty, you will listen to it on a loop once you understand the lyrics.

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