10 Best Desert Safaris In Dubai That You Must Try

Dubai is a big playground for enthusiasts who like to travel. While you are here you can engage in activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, quad cycling, and camel barren region safaris. Here are some of the best desert safari in Dubai that you must try.

10 Best Desert Safaris In Dubai That You Must Try

Desert Safari Dubai

One of the most popular holiday agencies, Desert Safari Holiday provides you with a custom-designed excursion to discover the splendor of Dubai’s barren region safari and a metropolis excursion to enjoy the beauty of Dubai.

The main attractions like camel safari, belly dancing, and taking snaps of enthralling sunsets attract tourists from all over the world. So Dubai Desert Safari is an entire bundle for someone who desires to get entertained. Let’s take a quick glance at some of the best desert safari in Dubai.

A list of the top 10 Desert Safaris in Dubai is given below:

1. Quad Biking Safari

This is one of the most famous excursions and you may be capable of getting over the sheer excitement of your experience by taking part in refreshments and tender liquids on the camp before returning to the city.


Riding a quad motorcycle within the Arabian wilderness is one of the most exciting activities on a wilderness safari in Dubai.

You can experience the curves and discover the desolate tract like a pro in Quad Biking Safari. Quad cycling is ideal for journey lovers on a Dubai excursion.

2. Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari is a safari during the night. You can drive to the dunes and spend some time looking at the great Arabian barren region during the middle of the night.

Ban Banjara

The camping and morning breakfast are the most famous combinations presented in the course of a single-day barren region safari in Dubai.

Apart from this, you can spend your day playing dune bashing and sandboarding. You can also experience night swapping memories as you revel in dinner across the fire, smoking shisha, and taking in neighborhood customs including dancing and henna.

3. Luxury Desert Safari

Luxury Desert Safari offers tourists a chance to explore the Dubai Desert in an ultra-top-class Range Rover with a guide. During your nature drive, you can analyze the Dubai desert’s fauna and plants and what makes it so unique.


You can stop by and take envy-inducing pics on dunes at the Ghaf tree-wooded area and a beautiful far-flung lake. You can also tour the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to see the wildlife and watch a falcon show which can surely entertain you.

Apart from this you can take a camel trip before dinner and have a three-path meal in a personal cabana which is a kind of royal retreat.

4. Private Desert Safari

Private Desert Safari is a safari you undertake alone. After a pickup from the Dubai hotel, you can journey via means of private, air-conditioned 4×4 into the wasteland that surrounds the city. Then you can tour the Desert and admire the sand dunes that offer precise terrain for sandboarding.

Desert Safari

You can also witness amazing sundown at the conventional Arabian Campsite wherein you may be welcomed with ‘Gahwa’ Arabic espresso and famous dates.

After you have explored the cool and quiet night wilderness you can revel in a three-route dinner, shisha, and Arabic espresso at an open-air camp.

5. Sunrise Safari

The famous Arabian Desert is precisely the area where you can head out at sunrise as the sun shines the brightest and appears close to the horizon during sunrise.


The morning in the desert is truly a photogenic spectacle that you can see nowhere. You can start your journey at the crack of sunrise to make sure you get to look at the start of the day because the sun shines brightly glittering the sand dunes in the morning.

You can also watch the flora and fauna on the Al Qudra Lakes before you leave to have a conventional Arabic picnic breakfast in your camp.

6. Hot Air Balloon Safari

The Balloon Adventures Dubai agency offers unforgettable and expensive warm air balloon rides over the Dubai barren region. The pristine Dubai wasteland is a completely unique panorama for warm air ballooning.

Luxe Adventure Traveller

A hot air balloon safari offers you a precise 360-diploma view of the big Arabian desolate tract. You can also go up to 4000 ft and watch the beauty of the desert from the sky.

After that, you can revel in quad biking, and camel safari, and have a splendid breakfast.

7. Dune Bashing Safari

The morning jeep safari rides in a 4×4 SUV within the midst of the substantial Arabian Desert and via the gusty wind and sand are a wonderful experience for tourists. If you like to enjoy dune bashing then you should take a jeep or quad bike.


When you are ready to move out a jeep picks you up from the camp and takes you for a thrilling experience that lasts for nearly 30 minutes.

You can also hit the dunes in a jeep, quad bike, or buggy and you will have an hour to experience the thrills of the desolate tract landscape.

8. Sand Ski

Sandboarding and skiing are the most famous sports activities in Dubai for tourists who love to explore the Dubai desert.


Sandboarding is a year-spherical leisure hobby applicable to any age and any degree of experience. Beginners need to attempt browsing brief distances and check if they can stop easily.

There are some dunes as excessive as 200 to 300 meters high that are perfect for sandboarding. You can feel the sand below your skis as you drift down rapidly which is a thrilling experience for anyone.

9. Camel Safari

A Camel Desert Safari is the most famous conventional ride to discover the Dubai barren region. You can traverse the barren region on a conventional camel convoy and revel in nomadic Bedouins.


Camel safari is often a morning wasteland safari in Dubai that takes you on a momentous 45-minute experience. You can tour the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve as you enjoy the camel convoy and discover the wasteland wildlife.

Another attraction is the Falcon demonstration wherein tourists can stroll around taking pictures with the beautiful bird.

10. Horseback Desert Safari

Horseback Desert Safari is a safari you undertake on a horse. You can settle in a saddle for a comfortable morning or afternoon desolate tract horseback journey to explore Dubai.

Dubai Desert

You can mount up at an expert equestrian center and move on to watch the desolate tract wilderness led by an expert instructor.

The tourists can also enjoy the lovely morning or nighttime as they trip through golden sands and dunes and look ahead to see the wildlife. Apart from this hotel pickup and drop-off and mild refreshments are included.

These are some desert safaris for tourists who wish to explore the Dubai desert. Desert safaris are very popular today and it is an exciting experience for those who love to tour the desert. The best desert safaris in Dubai that one should not miss out on while on a trip.

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