Best NBA Experiences in America

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 2: Players are seen in action during NBA match between Cavaliers and Knicks at the Madison Square Garden in New York City, United States on April 2, 2022. (Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

For any basketball fan around the world, North America is the focus of attention. The NBA is the top flight division for the sport and this is the league that attracts the best teams and the biggest players.

The NBA currently features 29 franchise sides from the United States, plus the Toronto Raptors from neighboring Canada. There is a host of action to take in across a long season, but which of those teams provides the best viewing experience?

Spoilt For Choice

The interest in the NBA is bigger than ever before. Millions of viewers tune in to games across the regular season and into the playoffs. Associated industries also benefit from the rise of the sport beyond the USA.

TV companies around the world can charge a premium for subscription services, while the sports betting industry also stands to benefit. The easing of restrictions since 2018 means that there are more companies quoting NBA lines than ever before.

Tourism is also big business. Sports fans choose the US as a specific destination for travel, while casual visitors also look to take in a game. That’s why it’s important to identify which teams and stadiums offer the best packages.

The Best of the Best?

Opinion will always be divided as to who offers the best NBA experience, but many fans point to the Chase Center in San Francisco as the stadium to provide the greater package. It’s one of the newest venues on the NBA roster, but it’s already provided a spectacular home to the Golden State Warriors.

The Chase Center allows fans to enjoy all-round visitor entertainment before the game even begins. It’s set in stunning surroundings on the San Francisco bay and there is extensive shopping plus bars and restaurants here.

Once the game is underway, one of the most notable features is the scoreboard. It’s simply huge and, during breaks in the match, the close ups and highlights package provide a superb in-game experience.

With Golden State showcasing one of the most successful teams in the NBA, the Chase Center has it all.

A Spot of Gardening

Those who are looking for a multi-sport package should head to New York and seek out Madison Square Garden. It’s home to basketball, hockey and wrestling and the MSG has also hosted some of the best boxing match ups in history.

Away from game days, fans are recommended to seek out the All Access Tour which gets into areas that can’t be reached during events. This will also allow visitors onto the Chase Bridge which provides a close up view of the iconic concave ceiling.

On match days, the tour is out of bounds, but you can still enjoy a great experience while cheering on NBA stars the New York Knicks.

Getting Further Involved

One matchday experience that comes highly recommended by the NBA is provided by the Detroit Pistons. Over at the Little Caesars Arena in midtown Detroit, there are options to get heavily involved with the gameday.

As well as an arena tour, those who look to access the VIP package are able to take on-court shots, play in a match with their friends, while getting up close and personal with the Pistons’ stars. There’s even a chance to sing the national anthem.

The Little Caesars Arena is a smart new stadium with lots of pre and post-match entertainment, but this package is a stand out among NBA experiences.

The Best Atmosphere

There are some truly enormous stadiums in the NBA but, over in Boston, there is a venue that is a little more intimate. The TD Garden is home to the Boston Celtics who currently hold the joint record for most NBA Championships.

Just 19,500 spectators can cram into the stadium on match days, so tickets can be at a premium and they need to be booked well in advance. Celtics fans are a vocal bunch and many feel that they provide the best atmosphere in the entire division.

The TD Arena also has restaurants and bars, plus the option for a stadium tour, but it’s all about the atmosphere on those incredible game days.

NBA experience

 Is Bigger Better?

The largest capacity center in the NBA is the United Stadium, home to the Chicago Bulls. It’s worth a visit based on size alone, but it also provides a great game day experience.

The Center aims to provide opportunities for groups to entertain the crowd during breaks. There’s also a chance to produce a scoreboard message for a mere $100.

Away from match days, there is the potential for teams to enjoy up to four hours of court time.

Every stadium in the NBA offers something different. Some will aim for a great game day experience, while others focus on stadium tours and behind-the-scenes options. All of the venues on this list can, however, combine to enhance your enjoyment of the NBA.


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