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Biden might undo all the diplomatic damage and instability Trump caused

After four years of suffocating and senseless Trump fiasco, expectations are low. The President-Elect Joe Biden only needs to behave like a president to receive the gratitude of the American people. The world now turns its gaze towards Biden for the revival of the US foreign policy.


After four years of suffocating and senseless Trump fiasco, expectations are low. The President-Elect only needs to behave like a president to receive the gratitude of the American people. The World now turns its gaze towards Biden to undo all the diplomatic damage and instability, Trump caused.

America that Biden will preside over is economically fragile, physically vulnerable, and deeply divided by five years of hate-mongering. It will be difficult for The USA to take control of the international table in the wake of the pandemic, the situation has changed the dynamic of multilateral geopolitics and disturbed the order that sustained America’s iron dominance.

Foreign policy under Biden must aim to protect a weakened house and restore the country’s image in the eyes of allies and opponents likewise.

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Plan for the Middle east

Ilhan Omar, laid out a brutal attack on President Trump’s foreign policy on Friday, claiming his Middle East agreements weren’t really “peace deals” but arms sales to mass murderers that should be invalidated by the Biden administration.

Crippling sanctions on the Iranian people and the assassination of the second most powerful person in Iran could have resulted in an all-out war under Trump- administration. Iran now has 12 times more enriched weapons-grade uranium than it had before Trump forced the country to back out of the nuclear deal.
Under the thumb of MBS, Trump coldly sponsored the war in Yemen and Libya that has resulted in more than 200,000 casualties.

Although the Obama administration (which Biden was the vice president of) did little to nothing to stop the US proxy wars in the middle east, Trump only made it worse.

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While Biden ran on ending the American support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, contractors employed by the defence are confident that their businesses will enjoy the same growth as it was under Trump.


Kate Kizer, policy director for Win Without War said “President-elect Biden has promised to chart a different path than Trump, and we’re hopeful that he starts by immediately undoing as many of the just-notified sales to the UAE as possible, and by putting the breaks on transfers that Congress has previously tried to reject under Trump.”

Trump enabled the demolition and displacement of entire Palestinian communities and normalized Israel’s illegal settlements on Palestinian land.
Palestinians should not hope that Biden will likely facilitate a path toward Palestinian freedom, the next stance could be less relentless and offer the brutalized community a chance to rebuild.

Washington could help atone for its past crimes if Biden approaches the middle east humanly. Robert Malley, Mara Rudman, and Daniel Daniel Benaim are likely to join the team for middle eastern operations from the old Obama days.

Biden might undo all the diplomatic damage and instability Trump caused
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Trump blames China for coronavirus and the damages the US suffered because of the pandemic. Before that, Trump had accused China of unfair trade practices, which resulted in tariffs on US$550 billion worth of Chinese products. China retaliated with its own tariffs on US$185 billion worth of US goods. Authorities worry that Trump could make disruptive moves to deliver a blow on China in his final moments in the White House, leaving behind hurdles for Biden.

The threat of China’s power is very legitimate for US officials, it can be expected that the Biden administration might adopt some policies from the current administration with a more refined approach. 73% of Americans, today hold an adverse opinion about China, its greedy trade and technology policies and oppression at home, are among many ill deeds that warrant a powerful American response

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“It’s not so much about punishing China, it’s about making sure China understands they’ve got to play by the rules,” Biden said when asked about his plans for China. The New Administration might publicly call out Beijing for atrocities and human rights abuses committed against Muslim Uighurs.

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India and Biden

Modi endorsed Trump for re-election last year in Houston, the famous ‘Howdy Modi’ rally was a shiny event to show the close ties the two leaders had developed. On more subtle notes India had agreed to buy 3 billion dollars worth of helicopters from the US after Trump’s visit to India.

Flattery and bootlicking did put India outside of Trump’s cross-hairs, except for the occasional insult and unpredictability. America provided valuable intelligence in both the 2017 Doklam crisis and the ongoing Laddkah standoff, as a token of gratitude for Modi from Trump. The most valuable indirect consequence for the Indian government was the chance to push its communal and undemocratic agenda in Kashmir without bothering about the American kickback.


Indian media is already setting the ground for a ‘Biden-Modi friendship’ and the cycle of flattery and symbolism will continue. If Biden allows Modi to push his autocratic agendas then it will be like as if Trump never left. Despite his heavy words, Biden is unlikely to interfere in the Kashmir issue and the valley is expected to suffer human rights abuse. Biden wants to work closely with Delhi to subdue the influence of China in the Asia region.

Paris Climate accord

America under Trump became the first nation to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. The current administration does not believe in the possibility of climate change but hopefully, under Biden, the US could re-join it in the future and provide a plan to decrease domestic emissions from the power and energy sector.

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