Characters We Would Love To Have As Our Friends

All of us are guilty of wishing that fictional characters actually existed in this world. To pay tribute to all the actors who made us feel safe with their roles, this post is dedicated to characters we would love to have as our friends.

Characters We Would Love To Have As Our Friends


Whether due to their back story or the way they are, some fictional characters leave a lasting impact on us. These comfort characters always give us the relaxation we need and watching them is always a great stress buster. 

At some point in our lives, all of us wanted these characters to exist in real life. They can be an extraordinary lover, wonderful friends, and amazing companies- if they were not fictional. 

This post is dedicated to some of those characters that we would love to have as our friends- 

1. Tony Stark from MCU 

If you are a Marvel fan, chances are you already sobbed when Stark died. He is one of the most genuine characters in the MCU. He is not a perfect superhero, has his own flaws but at the end of the day, he was still a good human who sacrificed himself to protect the people he loved. 

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Apart from that, he is a billionaire and has really cool AI innovations that we would love to check out. Imagine having your own Jarvis.

2. Jo March from Little Women 

For all the strong-minded and opinionated ladies out there, Jo March must be your comfort character. She knows the importance of maintaining one’s individuality and yet accepted the love she was given as well.

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Plus, with her views on platonic love and understanding of its complexities- Jo would definitely be an interesting person to hang out with. 

3. Kaira from Dear Zindagi 

Struggling with unhappiness and uncertainty, Kaira is one of the most vulnerable characters I have seen. Her story portrayed how every young adult goes through a troubled face and the necessity to change our perspective if we want to face the hurdles.

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A session with Kaira and Jehangir would definitely be fascinating because who doesn’t need some life-altering advice? 

4. Anne from After Life 

Although Anne did not have a major part to play in the series, she still left an impression by just sitting in the graveyard daily and listening to Tony.

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Anne’s character reflects why it is not always essential to go out of one’s way to do enormous things, small efforts like listening and being there for the other person are equally important. 

5. Michael Scott from The Office 

Even though Scott wins when it comes to being the most peculiar character in the series, he is also a caring person who makes sure everyone around him is comfortable, even when he makes them uncomfortable at times.


His intentions are always pure and he is a fun person to be around- Michael Scott gives off best friend vibes! 

6. Ram Shankar Nikumbh from Taare Zameen Par 

Ram was our comfort character long before we knew this term. A teacher all of us wanted to have at least once, in our lives, he showed how with a little fun, studies can become enjoyable as well.


On top of that, his passion to bring out the best in every child shows how the efforts of a mentor can change the student. 

7. Deepak from Masaan 

All of us need a friend who is there for us at our lowest points and Deepak is the best choice.


Trying his best to change his conditions, Deepak kept going even when he had to suffer countless obstacles. Just like his name, he acted like a light in everyone’s life. 

8. Ted Lasso from Ted Lasso 

A person who brings hope and optimism wherever he goes, Ted Lasso is the perfect companion we need for a conversation to lighten up our mood.

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No matter how many battles he is fighting himself, he makes sure to be there for the people around him.

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