CM Yogi’s Unromantic proposal To Ban Inter-faith Love aka ‘Love Jihad’ in UP

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For Assembly elections in 2022, it seems ‘Love Jihad’ will be CM Yogi’s prominent issue for his election campaign. Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, freshly pledged at a rally to make a wiry law against ‘love jihad.’

CM Yogi also warned that if those who “play with the honor of sisters”  by concealing their identity, “do not mend their ways,” they should be prepared for their “Ram Naam Satya Yatra” (the funeral procession). He believes Muslim men attract innocent Hindu women away from their faith using the lethal weaponry of matrimony. The Chief Minister has issued a clear death warning to Muslims who won’t regard his words and also promised a law against religious conversion for marriage.

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This statement came after the Allahabad  High Court had directed that religious conversion for the prospect of marriage is illegal on October 31. Yogiji is known to be a misogynist and has made several defamatory comments on women. Earlier, he had attacked Mother Teresa for being part of a conspiracy of spreading Christianity in India. Not only this, the CM has said words like:

“Since childhood women are protected, first by her father, than in youth by her husband and finally in her old age by her son. So even the scriptures instruct that she needs to be protected at all times. Therefore, it means that a woman is not capable of being left alone.”

The BJP led government in several other states like Haryana, Madhya Pradesh,
Karnataka has proceeded with similar warnings.  Recently, the Home Minister of Karnataka, Mr. Bommai said, “This love jihad has been there for some time, and it is a social evil. A law is necessary – that has been the loud thinking of various sections of society in all states.”

CM Adityanath and his associates are doing their best to make it dangerous to marry outside the rigid confines of religion. These contractors of religion just want to exercise control over the choices of women and stop two people from falling in love.

‘Love jihad’ has long been a distraction of the Yogi government since he came to power, he has also set up ‘Anti-Romeo Squads’ in UP to restrict interfaith relationships. After much dissatisfaction and crimes against Dalits and women, in particular, Yogi Adityanath knows how to beat around the bush by targeting upper-caste Hindu votes in the coming elections.

Brahmins’ dissatisfaction with the government in UP will also follow the electoral shift of the Uttar Pradesh government and they have wisely predicted that thing. Thereby converging on the futile issues such as ‘Love Jihad’ & ‘Operation Durachari.’ Love jihad in a time of crisis faced by the UP government came as a legume for polishing the Hindutva agenda.

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The couples who have either married in a different religion or are considering one, call it as bewilderment to the failed government policies and lack of implementation of laws. They say its only loves when you are in love and no other bigotry. Two adults who are involved in the union should only be responsible for it, and love between the two humans is so much more important than any other aspect in the world like caste, color, creed, and religion.

It was quite clear in a landmark judgment by the Honorable Court in cases like Lata Singh vs the State Of U.P. It became an oft-quoted example for love marriages. The question arises that, if at the age of 18, citizens are free to choose a government, then why not their life partner?

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The law against inter-faith marriage is a symbol of the suppression of individual
liberty. The BJP has tried and failed in the past regarding the same but now seems
adamant. Their patriarchal notions appear deeply encroached in such speeches delivered and laws made by their lawmakers. These wannabe vanguards of culture, only desire to seize the opportunity of women and men exercising their legitimate right to love. The basic right to choice is ostracised here, and images of passive &  tricked Hindu women at the hands of mysterious & sinister Muslims are telecasted.

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