Comparison of St Lucia & Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Programs

The Caribbean islands of the West Indies are a tidbit for foreign investors who do not mind having two passports at the same time. Today we are considering St. Lucia and Antigua. Both powers are attractive for their warmth, coastal areas, dense vegetation, and mountainous slopes. They offer free travel to more than 140 countries. And you can also get a U.S. visitor’s visa. Let’s make a comparison these powers and define the differences between them. And at the end we will give the final information, according to which everyone can set priorities in favor of one or another destination.

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

This offer has been in effect for eight years in order to attract wealthy foreigners. During this time, many have appreciated its benefits. To become a citizen, you must first make a contribution of 100 thousand dollars in funds or an average of 270 thousand in real estate. You can also buy government bonds or make a significant contribution to the company as a co-owner.

Requirements for the applicant for the status of a citizen

You must be of legal age at the time of application, and you must have a reference from the bank you serve, have no problems with the law. You can choose a non-refundable minimum deposit if you do not plan to conduct business on the island. Or opt to make your business strategy a reality. To participate in St. Lucia Citizenship by investment, in addition to the basic investment, you need to undergo an additional due diligence and pay a fee.

Benefits Saint Lucia citizenship by investment


The first advantage is that the passport is ready for issuance in only three months, at most you will get it in four. A variety of deposits to choose from is better than a fixed amount. Freedom of movement around the world is appealing. Countries of Oceania, Africa, Asia, North and South America, and of course Europe will open up to you. Some of them will require an entry permit, for example Bolivia and Georgia.

List of St. Lucia CBI benefits:

It is impossible to describe all the advantages of the fast pass, but another country of the Antilles has similar conditions.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program

Future cosmopolitans have several options to diversify their assets:

  1. Into real estate – from $200,000, providing for a partial contribution or the purchase of an entire business.
  2. To a government development fund, which then directs the money to the health care system and other organizations.
  3. Invest in businesses, and while you own them, you get rental income.

The program lasts for 5 years, after which you can extend it or sell your ownership on the island. Of course, this is also an undeniable advantage of this particular system.


To take advantage of the possibility of additional insurance for a better life, if something does not suit you at home,Antigua and Barbuda citizenship is a good option. There are no special requirements for residency, the main thing – the investment of $100,000 or more. If you plan to buy real estate, the amount required is at least  200 thousand, for business investors the amount increases to 400 thousand. The same applies to fees for relatives, which must be paid when checking.


The government guarantees low taxes, including a fee on your rental property. Advantages of this program:

If a family of 6 people chooses to invest in a university fund, one member of the family can study for free and get an international education. Such benefits open up many opportunities for citizens.


Both powers are similar in their location, as well as the requirements for the candidate for Antigua citizenship by investment. Of course, the special program is by no means the only way to obtain a state passport. The most common options are naturalization or marriage to a citizen. However, according to Evgeniya Morozova (agency Immigrant Invest), participation in the program is the most reliable and simple method.

Loyal conditions of tax-free residences pay off, but it is necessary to make a choice. It is better to choose based on the type of contribution (St. Lucia has a greater choice of investment types), as well as on the planned trips to countries. For example, to come to Albania from this power requires a permit, unlike Antigua. The same applies to Ukraine, Belarus. In this case Antigua and Barbuda CBI wins. Also here is the University of the West Indies, so it is better to go there with children for an international education. This option is more affordable and most economical. But the choice is always yours.

If you decide, then seek help only from professional companies for a quick and high-quality solution to the issue. Specialists not only use an integrated approach, but also know all the pitfalls.

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