10 Cool Products You Can Buy For Yourself

Do you need them? Probably not. Will you want them anyway? YES!

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Have a look at these cool products, add them to your cart, make your lifestyle more creative and stylist !!

1. Moon Night Lamp

It comes with a remote and 16 different colour modes that you can adjust depending upon your mood for the night.

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2. Invisible Book Shelf


This invisible bookshelf is easy to install and will make your books look like they’re floating around your room.
Size: 15.6 cm x 17 cm x 13 cm

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3. 3D Pen Printer


This pen lets you make actual 3D creations straight from your imagination to the real world. Say hello to your new hobby

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4. Skull-shaped ice cube tray 

This will add another level of cool to your homemade cocktails.

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5. LED Toilet Light

This motion-light sensor led toilet light will make you feel like you’re doing your business in an alternate reality

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6. Bathroom Shower Stream


This Product will completely make your funky. This bathroom makeover with this colour-changing LED light that’ll give your faucet water a bright neon glow.

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7. Bluetooth speaker with lights

This Product with lights that sync up with the beats that you’ll be partying out to right in your room

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8. Grass Slippers

This cool-ass pair of slippers that’ll make you feel like you’re always walking on grass, right in the comfort of your own home.

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9. Self-stirring mug

This product does all the work for you before you have your morning cup of coffee

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10. Gemstone bath soap bar

Soap bar that will make your bathing experience more 

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