Dakota Johnson Net Worth – Early Life, Career, Real Estate, Interesting Facts, Quotes

Dakota Johnson is rich, but you have no idea how wealthy she is. Here is Dakota Johnson Net Worth along with different aspects of her life.

Dakota Johnson Net Worth

Dakota Johnson Net Worth: $14 Million USD

Dakota Johnson is a $14 million net worth American model and actor. This article explores Dakota Johnson Net Worth along with various insights into her life such as her early life, her career, the real estate she owns, and many more.

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Dakota Johnson is most known for her role as the lead in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” third film, although she has been engaged in a variety of other projects over the years. She has demonstrated an incredible range throughout the years, playing a broad range of diverse roles in a number of genres.

Early Life

Dakota Mayi Johnson was born in Austin, Texas on October 4, 1989. Dakota was born into an acting family since her parents are both well-known actresses. Don Johnson is best remembered for his portrayal of James Crockett in the hit 1980s television series “Miami Vice.” Melanie Griffith, Dakota’s mother, is well-known for her work in films such as 1988’s “Working Girl.”

Her father was on the set of the film “The Hot Spot” at the time of her birth, thus he was not present. Her maternal grandparents are former actresses, and her extended family is also involved in the entertainment industry. Dakota’s stepfather was Antonio Banderas. She also has six half-brothers and sisters, two from her mother and four from her father.

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Dakota grew up on film sets, traveling with her parents to numerous locales while they played a variety of roles. She was never able to establish long-term roots, which damaged her feeling of stability.

Johnson was also diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, and she struggled while her family moved throughout the nation, switching from school to school. Dakota subsequently confessed that she suffered from depression beginning at the age of 14 and finally required her to enter treatment in 2007.

Personal Life

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Dakota Johnson has been romantically associated with a number of different artists, including Noah Gersh, a singer, and Jordan Masterson, an actor. She also dated Matthew Hitt, the main singer of the rock band Drowners. She started dating musician Chris Martin in 2017.


Johnson’s professional career began as a model. She first became interested in modeling when she was 12 years old, and she featured in “Teen Vogue” among other celebrities’ children. Dakota’s parents urged that she finish high school before beginning her acting career, despite the fact that she had been interested in acting since she was a child.

Despite being denied by the Juilliard School after graduating from high school, she pursued her acting goals. Johnson made her cinematic debut in 1999 with “Crazy in Alabama,” directed by her stepfather, Antonio Banderas.

Johnson joined IMG Models after a very quiet few years and began to pursue modeling more actively. She has posed for MANGO jeans, however, this was after she had made a name for herself as an actor. Dakota began acting lessons and found an agent after signing her modeling contract.

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Her big break came in 2015 when she landed the role of Anastasia Steele in “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Despite her relative obscurity at the time, Dakota fought out many more well-known actresses to get the job. She has since appeared in two sequels of the film. The three “Fifty Shades” films have made over $1.325 billion at the box office as of 2020, making them among the highest-grossing R-rated films of all time.

After her popularity with “Fifty Shades of Grey,” roles were more plentiful, and she participated in “Black Mass,” “A Bigger Splash,” and “Cymbeline” later in 2015. In 2016, she released “How to Be Single.”  Dakota starred in another horror film, “Wounds,” in 2019. That same year, she co-starred in “The Peanut Butter Falcon” with Shia LaBeouf. The actor launched her own production business, TeaTime Pictures, in 2020.

Johnson’s first directorial experience came in 2020, with the Coldplay music video “Cry Cry Cry.” She did, however, continue her acting career, starring in “The High Note.” For her performance, she got considerable critical acclaim.

Real Estate

Dakota Johnson paid $3.55 million for a property in Hollywood Hills in 2016. The home was built in 1947 by renowned architect Carl Maston and is located next to several mansions owned by other celebrities. Johnson refurbished elements of the inside after purchasing the four-bedroom property, which includes a lap pool.

5 Interesting Facts about Dakota Johnson

Famous Quotes by Dakota Johnson 

“I avoid social networks and I try to live a very normal, simple life. I love spending time and hang out with my friends any time I can. I like a very simple life.” – Dakota Johnson

“I think people, especially the press, like to pick on children of famous people and I think that’s awful. Things get made up. It’s so, so sad. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it as a 16-year-old. You’re like … ‘Why? What did I do?’” – Dakota Johnson

“Me.. I had to be physically and emotionally naked, show both my body and soul. I felt emotionally vulnerable and physically exposed, it was a hard choice to make but I was intrigued since the beginning. I think that…the things that scare you the most are the ones you gotta do.” – Dakota Johnson

“When I did ‘The Social Network,’ David Fincher told me that I managed to make a thankless character pretty awesome. I thought that was really cool because I think he’s really cool.” – Dakota Johnson

Conclusion – Dakota Johnson Net Worth

Dakota Johnson is widely regarded as a proponent of body positivity and female empowerment. Maude presently has her as an investor and co-creative director. Currently, her net worth is $14 Million USD. Hope you enjoyed this article on Dakota Johnson Net Worth. Let us know our thoughts on her in the comment section below.

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