For a Better Tomorrow, Delhi Police Opens up a Library for Slum Kids

Delhi Police station is the last place where one would expect to find a library. Well not anymore!

Delhi Police


Libraries are not common to the police stations, surprisingly RK Puram has one of them. New Delhi has quite a few Slum kids who have a hard time pursuing studies and now can benefit from this library.

The ‘Delhi Police Public Library’ is a space where they can peacefully go about their studies and make use of their time instead of turning to the life of crime.

“Schools have been closed for almost a year and the students, especially those living in nearby slums, are struggling to focus on studies as they don’t have a personal and peaceful space to study. Our idea was to set up a library with thousands of books, from fiction to those for competitive exams,” said Rajesh Sharma who is the station house officer.

“Due to lack of support and facility, these youngsters get into bad company and take to a wrong path. We have not just set up the library but also tied up with an NGO that provides counselling and free coaching for competitive exams,” he added.

Image Source; news18

The library has a smart classroom, computers, and the internet. Around 2300 books and over 1900 magazines plus 15 newspapers are available at this library.

It is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm and 100 or so students can sit at one time.

“I live in a one-room accommodation with four members and did not have any facility to attend online classes. Now, I attend classes here and the police uncles also help us in clearing our doubts,” said Sonal, who is a Class VIII student.

The library has been awarded an appreciation certificate in the ‘innovation education’ category by the Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce, Goa.

We at TSA, applaud the efforts of the Delhi Police RK Puram for creating an educational opportunity for kids and certainly feel inspired.


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