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Denim stays denim: Jeans through the years, what denims have looked like over time, from baggy to skinny, from unfinished hem to ripped, from jeans to jumpsuits.

Denim jeans had been invented in the late 1800s by Levi Straus to fulfill the want for sturdy work pants for the miners. It was once no longer till the 1950’s before the French actress and supermodels glamorized blue jeans.



The sturdy jeans or pants worn by the workers were developed in 1873 with the aid and help of Jacob Davis by Levi Strauss work.

Almost immediately, different producers observed the very kind of denim jeans and started producing their very own variations of the unique Levi 501 jeans.

Overall, jean jackets, trousers, shorts, …. each new generation of denim has stood and taken the look at the time developing their styles, whilst embracing new era-defining embellishments, some of which have lived through the fashion cycle greater than the others.

The most popular denim trends which have been seen through the years since the first denim jeans were made into being are in a number of styles beginning at the birth of the jeans.

The jeans have been around since the mid-1800s and they’ve undergone a lot of changes. In the 1990s, big baggy jeans were a very popular trend. In the 2000s, skinny jeans and colorful began gaining popularity.

All over the world fashion trends come and go, but Denim jeans are one such type of clothing that has remained the same or have remained as a staple style of clothing in everyone’s closets even today.

It’s just the particular style of denim that keeps changing then and now or year after year, some decades have baggy jeans as their rising star and the others have skinny jeans as their rising star.

Here is what you’ll see as a glimpse of the changing styles of denim jeans fashion.


The mid-1800s-1930s jeans make their debut as or are very preferably known for the workers class which were durable and practical and not very stylish. Back when they were first invented, they were generally worn by the miners and workers who required sturdy and reliable clothing while working.

It took some time for the denim jeans to become more of casual wear for all kinds, for all genders on a regular basis. Later they started getting popular among the west when they first entered into the Hollywood scene in popular western series.

They were popularly associated with the cowboy style among men who starred in the movies.

Later, in the early 1950s, jeans were starting to become more of a fashion trend not only in movies but also among the common folks… Thanks to the actors of the Hollywood of the era. The denim was started to become or referred to as “cool”. They had that cool rebellious vibe to them which attracted the population.

Pairing the “jeans” with a white t-shirt: started to become more of a fashion trend among both men and women in the coming years. This simple trend seemingly was captured when Brigitte Bardot was photographed wearing a white sweater with boxy jeans and boots.

Today white t-shirt and jeans are still known for their classy looks.



Jeans then later became tight at the waist and flared at the bottom. The mid-1960s were all about flared jeans they were styled in a number of ways and were worn by all the men and women.

A similar pattern of the jeans was also viewed in the coming years which was, the bell-bottoms made their way into the spotlight. Later it was also in fashion to wear jeans with unfinished hems.

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In 1977 the first slim, straight leg jeans had been discovered which was known for having the punk-inspired vibe. The jeans started to become more fitted, slim, straightened towards the leg rather than flares. This style of denim jeans the LEVI 505 were particularly popular especially in the music scene they are even now.

The punk-inspired look now has become a very popular fashion trend among the youth. The jeans in the later years kept getting darker and tighter leading to know which is very widely known as the “skinny” jeans.

It was in 1981 when Calvin Kline released the denim jeans ad featuring Brooke Shields that still talked about even today.

The 14-year model infamously said “You know what comes between me and my Calvin’s?…NOTHING.” It was then that jeans had a sex appeal, but it was definitely a big moment.

The jeans with the high-waisted, cuffed, and slightly baggy. This was when “mom jeans” really became a thing.




Denim jumpsuit: These jumpsuits arrived in a lot of various styles.

Consistently, various celebrities were seen wearing one-piece denim articles of clothing, from jumpsuits to dresses.

This famous look came in a lot of styles, regardless of whether you need a utilitarian suit that was clamped at the midsection or an in vogue number that was erupted a

In light of the move, more organized designs, similar to pants, weren’t a significant closet staple for a few. Yet, when individuals picked to wear pants, they will in general pick less perfectly sized styles that were free or had a lot of stretches

2018 was the time of viral jean patterns. From 9-foot-long pants to costly layered pants, the pattern was tied in with facing challenges and taking a stab at something new.

In the midst of the continuous worldwide pandemic when numerous specialists started marking on from home, comfortable designs dominated.


So you see, the style of denim Jeans has remained all along the same throughout the years just kept changing revving all the time with the changing fashion trends.


The cycle trends of denim jeans have become an obliged idea of the population worldwide today.


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