Do we still remember Pegasus Spygate? what’s the latest development

The new sensation in the political world is the pegasus Spygate turned into the biggest modern-day controversy.

Do we still remember Pegasus Spygate? what's the latest development

The new sensation in the political world is the pegasus Spygate turned into the biggest modern-day controversy. The ‘Pegasus’ is special spyware created by the NSO group.

There is a threat that mobile devices and their data are not safe with the presence of this spyware and the increase in international trade will boost the use of such spy wares.

More and more international companies will be creating more advanced spyware, with the increase in more demand. 

The background story about ‘pegasus’ spyware:-

The ‘pegasus’ spyware has been developed by a lot of research from experts at the NSO group. A lot of investments, time, and efforts have been consumed in its production.

The efforts have been laid on the formulation of comprehensive spyware with research from Google Android, Apple IOS, and apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and popular downloaded applications. 

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The uniqueness about ‘pegasus’ spyware:-

‘Pegasus’ spyware has zero interaction with the user. This means a user will not have to approve or click and accept the spyware to work.

A user might even not know about the spyware installed and operating on their device. For this, spyware targets a shortcoming among some popular apps on the device.

Therefore, this spyware was made by examining and researching the popular apps from Android and IOS. It can infect a mobile device through an app call over the internet, messages, or infected posts. If the application resolves its weakness then the spyware targets another weak point. 

‘Pegasus’ infecting devices:-

The spyware attacks and uses a vulnerability in any of the applications installed in a device. It keeps trying to infect a device and does not stop until it achieves the target.

Once it has entered into the system, it reaches the roots of a device and installs some other spyware files automatically.

So, till the applications used in the device do not ensure the absence of all kinds of vulnerability, it’s difficult to escape from ‘pegasus’.

After gaining a place and control into a device, it develops the ability to access and steal call records, SMS, documents, photographs, and other important private details available in the device.

The data goes into the central server. A threatening problem is that it has the potential to enable the camera or microphone at any time to spy on the user which can be very invasive into a person’s personal space.

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The problem in mobile security:-

Keeping in view the potential spyware available, many companies have developed security systems and security apps for mobile devices.

But the majority of them can’t detect the Pegasus spyware. Even mobile operating systems have limitations that are beneficial for ‘pegasus’. You might know that whenever you download and try to use a certain application, it asks for permissions to access your device’s data.

This does not give flexibility to the apps for taking the required action for mobile security. Any mobile security application that you will download will be considered as any other downloaded app by your device limiting its reach.

It cannot search, analyze or detect the threat deep into the system. If it tries to penetrate deep into the device, then the Android or IOS system will mark it as a threat. This is an added benefit allowing ‘Pegasus’ to escape from detection.

The solution:-

To detect and stop the function of this advanced spyware, the mobile security apps need to perform multiple scans. For this, the security app needs more permissions and flexibility to operate.

However, there is no provision to permit apps that can detect the ‘pegasus’ spyware. 

What can you do?

Microsoft tried to give a solution to this problem, by immersing the security app developing companies and OS developers or sellers to create an operating system that can permit multiple scans.

It’s an interesting way of motivating other vendors to develop an OS to try and detect the threat in the beginning.

The objective and work of operating system developers are to formulate a powerful operating system that can detect the spyware or other issues.

They have many things under their control. Soon more companies like the NSO group will be developing such spyware owing to its increasing demands.

For this reason, Google and Apple should give more options to the user for giving important permissions to improve the reach and increasing their freedom to penetrate and operate into the devices without limitations to detect ‘pegasus’ spyware. 

The spying allegations using Pegasus ‘spyware’ in India and recent developments:-

The spying controversy took the center stage in the Monsoon session of the Indian parliament. The opposition leveled strict charges of spying against the government using ‘Pegasus’ spyware and toppling the state governments like the Karnataka government. The government and the ministers refused the charges about the same. 

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A PIL was filed in the Supreme Court for stopping the notification by the West Bengal government to investigate the ‘Pegasus’ matter.

It was directed to formulate a commission for investigating the issue under the leadership of a former judge of the supreme court. 

On the other hand, an NGO Global village foundation group stated that it is necessary to create a pan-Indian team of technical experts who can examine the matter of spying and hacking of mobile devices.

Moreover, the supreme court has also accepted a good number of petitions to investigate the spying under an SIT under the monitoring of the court. 

The advocate from the NGO’s side said the ‘pegasus’ matter has become an international case with the involvement of a foreign company.

So, it’s important to deal with a national perspective, and citizens from India and other countries need serious and rightful investigation.

For this reason, the investigation cannot be conducted by the West Bengal government. Furthermore, it claimed that the notification by the West Bengal government to investigate the issue is beyond its power.

The issue falls under the jurisdiction of the central government. The Supreme Court has taken up a few PILs on the issue and stated that if the allegations are correct then it’s a serious matter breaching the privacy norms. 


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