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Even the doctor will approve of these 19 delectable late-night snacks

Feel free to eat these snacks as much as you can.


1. For guilt-free afternoon snacking, swap out your bhujia and namkeen for some roasted makhana (pack of four) in tasty flavours. | Buy Now

2. Baked crackers made with buttermilk and millet are a perfect basis for being inventive with toppings like sundried tomatoes, guacamole, and hummus to supplement fried snacks at parties. | Buy Now

3. These energy bars (pack of 8) are ideal for refuelling after a strenuous workout. They’re loaded with superfoods such as pumpkin seeds, oats, honey, and dates. | Buy Now

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4. Choco-chip cookies are difficult to avoid, so try these low-sugar protein cookies (pack of six) made with whey and milk instead. | Buy Now

5. If you want to snack on something when you’re out and about, have some roasted multiseeds on hand. They’re high in Omega 3 and Vitamin A. | Buy Now

6. Spoiler alert: your mother was right about the health benefits of dried fruits and nuts. This nut blend contains the usual suspects, such as almonds and walnuts, as well as some recent additions, such as cranberries. | Buy Now

7. Keep it desi with some gur chana (pack of three), a super safe sweet treat you can keep on hand for when you’re in the mood for something sweet. | Buy Now


8. These six-pack of zero-gluten peanut butter and chocolate bars are a perfect snack to throw in your bag for instant energy while you’re at work. | Buy Now

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9. The early morning biscuits dipped in chai add up quickly! Replace them with these four-pack of vegan cookies filled with whole grains and sweetened with jaggery. | Buy Now

10. Since it’s full of flavour, spicy ragi chips (pack of two) would fit into every diet. | Buy Now

11. Chocolate coconut cookies (two-pack) fulfil the chocolate cravings while still adding a little bit special with cashew nuts, oats, and cranberries. | Buy Now

12. There’s no way you can argue when khakhra (pack of 16) comes in exclusive flavours like pizza, garlic bread, and *wait for it* chocolate(!) | Buy Now

13. Oats, buckwheat, and amaranth grains are included in these energy Yoga bars (pack of 10) that come in delicious flavours like chocolate, vanilla, and orange. | Buy Now

14. These quinoa puffs (pack of four) are flavoured with kale, so you can point to two pretty nutritious ingredients anytime someone wants to make you feel worse. | Buy Now


15.Quinoa rice cakes are perfect for on-the-go snacking and pairing with your favourite dips and spreads. | Buy Now


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