When Bitcoin was created, a new way of seeing the economy and finances arose; that is, not only the traditional can contribute, but also the digital. If you have to select the best option, start trading at

In an era of constant advancement whose leader is technology, it indicates that what is to come is nothing more than a series of computer concepts that will be the basis of many of the operations carried out today.

The financial markets are changing so much that the companies showing the highest price to date are the technological ones.

When cryptocurrencies emerged, there had to be a platform that would allow their participation in the traditional market, and that is where another quite exciting concept known as Blockchain emerged.

Blockchain Technology Concept

A computer platform created for the use and management of digital currencies, based on technology, and which to date is one of the most used concepts since the chain of blocks is considered the essential element for the development of cryptocurrencies.

The concept that defines this term of cryptography that leads the financial market could be compared to a public accounting book, where the operations executed worldwide through cryptocurrencies are stored.

This technology is made up of a set of blocks that contain information on the operations that have been carried out through cryptocurrencies. It is no secret to anyone that the risk of digital currencies dissipates thanks to this new technology.

The most relevant characteristic of this platform is that it is entirely decentralized; that is, no intervention by any third party to approve financial operations carried out with digital currencies.

This tool has caused a lot of discomfort in the financial sector since traditional banking and most financial institutions generate income based on this participation, creating millions of dollars for the mere concept of bank commissions.

Creating the blocks that make up the chain is the basis of process security. This technology has shown that, over time, it could become the base of cryptographic operations and many other economic functions. Worldwide.

It is the element that gives security and confidence to the users of cryptocurrencies since, through the creation of the blocks, it is inferred in a complicated confirmation procedure where the operations are verified one by one to certify that it does not exist fraudulent process.

It indicates that the confirmation of these blocks requires several mathematical calculations carried out by cryptocurrency miners where; they are in charge of a particular way of guaranteeing that the transaction is generated reliably, is to avoid duplication of operations.

An innovative technology that has caused a sensation at all financial levels of daily life, where even traditional banking could be replaced.

Anonymity is maintained over time.

To date, the creator of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Foundation, Satoshi Nakamoto, is the one that receives all the attention when it comes to the search for the person who created an invention that has contributed so much to society.

According to investigations, it has been concluded that Satoshi Nakamoto describes himself as a person of Japanese origin, male. However, with an average age of 35 to 37 years, we have yet to determine who he is.

It is all that is known about the creator of Bitcoin, which is around a lot of speculation since he will remain anonymous as such a brilliant person.

In collaboration with other computer scientists and programmers, Nakamoto came to the final creation of the Bitcoin White Paper. This financial project would change the market and traditional economic system after years of research and analysis.

Although it has been a complex process since the lack of knowledge on the part of society has not contributed to the further development of this technology and its advances to the point of succeeding in replacing banking and traditional operations.

Speculations around this mysterious character continue since many consider that the owners of Bitcoin and the Blockchain want to remain anonymous.


Whether anonymous or not, the truth is that this character, who to date does not have an absolute personification before society, has been the creator of one of the technological advances adopted by many who are betting on a drastic financial change.

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