Engineering of Controversies: Conflict Hijack for Vested Interests

Have you ever wondered why there is a cry for nationalism just before elections? Why air pollution becomes a hot topic overnight before Diwali? How come the peaceful co-existence of Shia-Sunni gets disturbed only during Muharram? And why there are clerics popping up with the ‘name-calling’ process only for a limited time? This article will elucidate such facts, which will unveil the processes that are involved to engineer controversies.

Naïves across the globe have been consuming baked controversies and programmed enmities since a very long time, as a result of which, the concept of peaceful ‘co-existence’ is losing its grip and demand. There are more number of people seeking disturbances at the cost of fanatical gains, forgetting entirely the lessons of humanity.

It is noteworthy that peace is a ‘threat’ to such governments who contest elections for the sake of autonomy. Hence, for their subjects to remain engrossed, various turbulences are planted and broadcasted for far-flung political gains. There is a very famous tradition quoted from the administration of the Roman Empire, “If you can’t give them bread, give them circus.” For indeed, the self-baked controversies become a topic of emotional affinity for some, while for the other groups it is just a matter of entertainment. However, in the midst of such ferocious activities, the trouble-makers, controversy-creators, and propaganda-promoters manage well to charge their share of interest.

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Nationalism – a term always taken for granted

The recent trend in the world’s politics is playing a paramount role in shaping the mindset of common people such that they germinate the seed of emotional attachment with their nation against the very concept of humanity. Meaning to say that humans will become a secondary preference. The fetter of unions of several dissimilar platforms is being challenged and broken eventually. People are served with false news regarding their country, at the backdrop of which, the sense of hatred has shown an alarming upsurge.

Now, being a responsible citizen and a direct eye witness to such enticements, showing white feathers will be an act of sheer despondency as well as embarrassment. Perhaps, this is the need of the hour to diagnose why there is a selective cry for nationalism in the country.

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Diwali – wrongly accused of being the sole transmitter of air pollution

Ever since the uncommon social media has become common for a large number of Indians, Diwali is welcomed with never-ending lectures on climate change and environmental degradation. Pictures of NASA gain sufficient circulations on various mediums, due to which, it becomes a hot debatable topic overnight.
Now, the question should definitely be raised that, why frivolous behavior is shown towards such catastrophes for the whole year, and the climate sympathizers all of a sudden start with their lectures as soon as Diwali season arrives.

It will be an imbecile remark if this is ignored in the name of mere coincidence, for this will aid those people to carry on with their inimical politics while damaging the communal fabric of the country.

If data are analyzed then such riddles will very easily be unveiled and the intrinsic problem for these probations will be nothing, but politics. Air pollution certainly has many other sources of its transmission and accusing a festival exclusively for it is in itself an act of crime which serves the propaganda.

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The Shia- Sunni Conflict

Not pondering over the political histories of the two major sects of Islam, Shias and Sunnis have peacefully and lovingly co-existed for centuries. However, the pace with which the abhorrence is being encoded is something that has effaced the common Muslims profoundly. Later, in the midst of such upheavals and uproars, politics gains their unescapable share.

The ten days of Muharram are mourned across the globe by Muslims while remembering the stigmatic war of Islamic history, that is Karbala. However, the intensity of grief varies from person to person, as well as country to country. Taking advantage of the sorrowful environment across the community, few trouble makers again incite hatred and strike when the iron is hot. This leads to controversies and costs tens of thousands of lives.

Any person bestowed with a sense of thinking can decrypt the plan of those devils for whom the peace is a threat.

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Hatred trading of clerics

The professionalization of clerics has done more harm than good in every community of all religions. For indeed, those clerics later never remain an independent body and follow the dictates of their sponsors. Hence, all they are instructed to do is to encourage the language that may destroy the communal fabric. There is no dearth of examples to prove how controversies are flamed and fanned via such reverent personalities.

Statements are made on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, while Whatsapp is used to circulate such hullabaloos. Although, those speaking against each other’s faith and creed have a very good and congenial relationship in their personal lives and they in themselves always promote interfaith-understanding. But when it comes to filling the baskets of the common people then it is loaded with enmities and detestation.

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Bakra-eid – a festival that reveals the ‘double standards’

India is one of the largest exporters of meat in the world. And more than half the population of the country consumes meat, which accounts for 71%, according to a 2014 survey by the Registrar General of India. Nevertheless, the festival of Eid-ul-Adha aka Bakra-eid has never given the deliverance and rumor gains currency that leads to conflict, both at minor and major levels. Hate speeches are delivered against the Muslim community and this in its totality contaminates the very essence of the festival.

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Now, why a particular group of people are blamed for having killed animals when 71% of the country’s population consumes meat. When the population of Muslims is compared and the consumers are tallied then it will be very evident from the calculations that more number of non-Muslims consume meat.


Hence, this is the time to understand the fact that controversies are generated, planted, staged, coded, programmed, and engineered. It is not something that happens all of a sudden. Some people do have affinities with politics more than humanity, hence, for them, the lives of millions can be sacrificed for their power and position.


Being a commoner we should never repudiate from our responsibilities after witnessing the deplorable conditions in the country. Rather this is the time when our real test begins and we are expected to dodge the problem with utmost prudence. Gone are the days when dictatorship had chances of survival. In this era of modern learning, democratic approaches will never let those dogmatic dictators to rule for long. Therefore, remaining inside the domains of democracy, one should never stop denouncing the fascist ideologies. One should never for a second, think of inciting hatred, against those people who are somehow dissimilar with them. And if animosities are directly served in your plates then hesitate not to recognize the engineering of controversies.

Siyasat ko aadat hai lahu peene ki
Warna Mulk me sab khairiyat hai

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