An Engineering Student from Ahmedabad Arrested for Rape

The dangers of meeting people you find online.

An Engineering Student from Ahmedabad Arrested for Rape

Punjab News Express

Ajit Trivedi, the 22-year-old accused man for the rape of an air hostess (also 22- years of age) in training was arrested. The woman, on Thursday, filed a complaint against the man who is an engineering student in Ahmedabad after which the police arrested him from his house in Vejalpur. Ajit has been charged for his acts of sedation, rape, and manipulation.

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The young woman who is currently undergoing training is also based in Ahmedabad. In her complaint, she mentions that Trivedi mixed something in her cold drink which made her unconscious to consent. Following the rape, she says she was threatened as the accused also made a videotape and clicked pictures.

According to the victim, she has been raped multiple times while being stuck in the web of manipulation. With reference to the report by the Times of India, a police officer said that the act was shot on the man’s cellphone and later used as bait or leverage to rape the woman again. The complainant also adds that she was beaten whenever she refused to meet the needs and demands of the accused.

The two of them interacted over the social media app Instagram seven months back. They chatted, befriended each other, and planned on meeting. The survivor says he had invited her over to his house where he spiked the drink, sexually assaulted, and filmed a video. The investigation for the case is ongoing.

This case not only sheds light upon the inhumane and atrocious crime but also tells us something about the dark side of social media. Instagram is a top-grossing app and very popular amongst youngsters. Besides sharing pictures and videos it enables you to chat, call, promote businesses or even create content to sell and earn. Since it is highly integrated and has millions of users, it is very common for people to find new friends.


Often, out of boredom or seeking attention, or finding a partner/friend people tend to talk to strangers. Since one person doesn’t know the other person and they don’t know their intentions, they are likely to be considered potential victims.

It is very important in today’s times to be cautious while using social media as it can easily be used to lure a person into various kinds of traps.If you’re not careful enough when meeting people online it is possible that the internet can become a dangerous place for you. So, in order to prevent this bad experience or any malicious events from happening to you, be aware.

Sexual predators top the list of hazards of social media meetings. Shockingly YouTube was in the news for having pedophiles leaving comments and advice on YouTube Kids. A 2012 case involving a teen being allegedly kidnapped, raped, and murdered warned the people and confronted them to be vigilant while using Facebook. Facebook made a statement about how one shouldn’t be meeting someone in person they only met online.

Ashleigh Hall, the deceased was murdered by convicted rapist Peter Chapman. Various other similar cases have emerged making us question technology and mankind altogether.

Times Of India

Madhya Pradesh Dewas police reported a parallel case on Sunday, the 5th of September 2021. Two teens, the girl (14 years old) and the accused Mustafa Mansoori befriended each other on social media. Under the IPC and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, the boy was arrested for raping the girl behind a temple.

Even tinder, the dating app has led to many mishaps. It is considered unsafe for sexting and meeting. People still continue to use it without much concern as digital illiteracy is quite common. Other scenarios are also possible involving privacy invasion, unlawful circulation of indecent pictures, trolling, hacking, catfishing, and impersonation.

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