Friendships That Should Have Happened In Harry Potter (But Never Did)

While friendship is central to Harry Potter, not every possible relationship was realized - and fans would have loved to see these!

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The strength of friendship is one of the most enduring—and endearing—themes of the entire Harry Potter narrative in several essential ways. Harry has a deep bond with his friends Ron and Hermione, but countless additional pairings occur throughout the films and novels, both among students and faculty. 

However, given how similar some of the characters are in terms of temperament and conduct, it must be acknowledged that several friendships never materialized but should have in all justice.

1. Sprout And McGonagall

This is a friendship that is incredibly enjoyable to contemplate. Is it possible to imagine a more bizarre pairing than Sprout and McGonagall?

Friendships That Should Have Happened in Harry Potter (But Never Did)
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While Sprout has a down-to-earth demeanor, McGonagall is considerably more prim and proper in how she conducts herself and presents herself to her students (she truly was the best, wasn’t she?).

2. Aberforth And Hagrid

Aberforth is one of the more intriguing characters in the ensemble. Much about his personality and goals remain a mystery until late in the series (the same is also true of his brother Albus).

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However, it is revealed that he is a pretty down-to-earth character, a little more grounded in his sensibilities than his brother Albus.

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3. Lupin And Neville

It isn’t easy to understand why this friendship wasn’t given greater attention.

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After all, Neville and Lupin each have their burdens to bear, Neville due to his parents’ torture and subsequent madness, and Lupin as a result of his werewolf curse.

4. Dudley And Crabbe And Goyle

Living with his cousin, Harry, is a dreadful experience, partly due to Dudley’s irritating behavior.

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Unfortunately, going to school is only a reprieve because he deals with bullies like Crabbe and Goyle. They are pretty similar to Dudley in terms of bullying and general illiteracy.

5. McGonagall And Snape

There’s more in common between them than meets the eye, as they both seem to truly want the best for Hogwarts and the children that attend, even if they express it in very different ways.

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6. Umbridge And Bellatrix

Both of them appear to relish tormenting others physically and mentally, and neither of them seems to be interested in acquiring a moral compass or anything approximating a conscience. 

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7. Percy And Aunt Petunia

Percy appears to believe that rules are all that matters in the world and that it doesn’t matter who gets wounded in the process of following them.

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Petunia is just as obstinate as her sister, and she has a chip on her shoulder when it comes to her (though much more is revealed about this in the books than in the movies).

8. Uncle Vernon And Slughorn

While it may seem contradictory to believe that he had a friendship with Horace Slughorn, it’s safe to assume that he admired Slughorn for his ability to worm his way into the good graces of the world’s most famous people (even if he had to sometimes do bad things to get there).

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9. Xenophilous Lovegood And Sybil Trelawney

It isn’t easy to imagine two characters with more in common than these two. Depending on one’s perspective, they both appear to be somewhat off-center (or well out in the outfield).

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At the very least, it would have been fascinating to see the two of them go at it, each attempting to prove to the other that they had a stronger connection to the spirit realm than the other.

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