Hawkeye Actor Vincent D’Onofrio Reveals When He Was Approached To Return As Kingpin

“I think the Blip has happened, and I think his kingdom took a bit of a hit and he’s trying to get his city back,” Hawkeye Actor Vincent D’Onofrio, who plays the fan-favourite villain, tells TVLine.

Hawkeye Actor Vincent D'Onofrio Reveals When He Was Approached To Return As Kingpin

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Finally, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is bringing some of the most well-known characters from Marvel TV programmes on Netflix. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Charlie Cox is repeating his role as Daredevil, while the final two episodes of Hawkeye introduced Vincent D’Onofrio‘s scary Kingpin.

For a long time, fans have been requesting more of these characters, performed by these exact performers. Cox, D’Onofrio, and a slew of other Netflix stars have shown an interest in reprising their roles and have stated that they are only waiting for a call from Marvel Studios. Kevin Feige was on the other end of the line when D’Onofrio’s phone finally rang, personally inviting him into the franchise.

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Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, returns to form three years after Daredevil ended in Hawkeye to reclaim what is rightly his. He worked with Kate’s mother Eleanor Bishop in the Disney+ series, as well as urging Tracksuit Mafia henchman Kazi to remind everyone that New York is his.

I had no idea that I would do Hawkeye.”

The actor also reveals that this Fisk is the same as the one that appeared in Daredevil. D’Onofrio recalls, “That’s how I portrayed him, and I suppose that was the broad concept.” Despite the fact that he is the same person, there are some significant variances. For starters, he was established as Maya’s “uncle” and the boss of the Tracksuit Mafia in the Disney+ series. In addition, his ability to pull a vehicle door off when approaching Eleanor Bishop showed him as a far more powerful guy than we saw in Daredevil.

Following the season finale of Hawkeye, which included a lot of Kingpin, Adam Barnhardt of ComicBook.com met down with D’Onofrio to discuss revisiting his beloved character. D’Onofrio revealed that he only got the long-awaited call early this year.

“Earlier this year, [I was approached],” the actor says. “Kevin called, and I immediately said, “Hell yeah.” My reps informed me that he [Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige] requested my phone number and that he would call me directly.”

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The actor then talked about the first ideas that sprang to mind. “My initial reaction was, ‘Wow, maybe he’ll ask me to the MCU,’ and he did so right away. He got into a discussion about Hawkeye.”

In Hawkeye’s last episode, Kingpin made his MCU “debut,” appearing in a portrait alongside Eleanor Bishop. Bert & Bertie, the episode directors, recently spoke out about working with D’Onofrio and preparing Kingpin for a future in the franchise.

“We were fortunate to be able to work with him and share time and space with him,” Bert remarked. “The way he maintains space makes him the most astonishing performer. That was a real pleasure. Onset, that was one of our favourite days.”

Charlie Cox is confirmed to be reprising his role as Matt Murdock aka Daredevil

If given the chance to reprise his role as Fisk, D’Onofrio would like to face off against the Punisher, Spider-Man, and Daredevil. “That’d be nice,” he says.

There’s also the Echo spinoff, starring Maya, which has already been ordered into a series on Disney +. “It would be wonderful to [explore] the connection with Maya,” the actor says. “When I was researching Daredevil, one of the things I recalled as one of my favourite runs was when he took her under his wing.”

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