How Can You do Your Part to Contribute Towards Animal Conservation?

Although the situation may be slightly better for some animals nowadays than it was fifty years ago, the sad fact is that these sentient creatures still need all the help they can get.

Your Part to Contribute Towards Animal Conservation

Scientists predict that there are between 200 and 2000 species extinctions every year, and there are several famous, beloved animals that are at great risk as well. For instance, there are only around 2500 giant pandas and 4000 tigers left in the world. Everyone should try to do their part in contributing towards animal conservation.

Online Adoption of Animals

One of the primary ways that everyday people can try to keep highly endangered species from being consigned to the history books is to adopt them. There are conversation centres set up in countries where animal cruelty is common, but these charities need all the support they can get when it comes to funding.

One charity that’s doing great work in China and Cambodia now is Free the Bears. The foundation has already saved more than 950 bears from the bile industry and has relocated them to specialist bear sanctuaries where they can live a happy and healthy life. You can become a bear carer by sponsoring one of the animals for a reasonable £240 per year. The more people who commit to this, the greater number of bears that the charity can help. Non-profit organisations like this exist for numerous species, and it’s simply a case of people supporting where they can.

Fostering Animals

Along with the greater worldwide issues, there are so many animals that need rescuing closer to home. These include dogs and cats that have been discarded by their owners and have not received the love they deserve. In the UK alone, it’s estimated that 130,000 dogs are needed to be rehomed ever year, and charities desperately urge more people to assist with this.

Not only do the rescuers of these dogs get to experience the fulfilment of the charitable act, but they can also enjoy the companionship that entails. Some people may not be in a position yet to take on such responsibility, but there are other ways to feel a similar satisfaction. Indeed, looking after virtual pets can be just as rewarding, with mobile apps giving players the opportunity to do so. To get a fix of cuteness, there are fun games like Fluffy Favourites as well. These games go to show that there’s great demand for animal-related themes and pop culture.

Recycling Carefully

There are plenty of things that you can do that you may not even realise are contributing towards the conservation of animals. Nearly everyone knows now that plastic is one of the worst things for ocean life, but there are still items that require the material in their packaging. For example, cans of drink are often connected with rings of plastic, and the simple act of cutting these before disposing of them could save a turtle’s life.

Although it seems like your contribution to the safety of animals is only minuscule in the grand scheme of things, these minor assistances can add up if enough people get involved. Even if you can’t afford to adopt an animal or donate to a charity, you can make a conscious effort to recycle or cut down on your meat consumption.

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