How to know when it’s time to change job


For most specialists, sooner or later there comes a moment when you want to change jobs. There can be a huge number of reasons for this. In order to remain productive and keep mental health in order, it is extremely important to understand in time that you need to prepare for change. Let us consider in more detail in what situations it is worth thinking about leaving.

1. Professional development does not lead to salary increase

Imagine a specialist who is constantly working to improve skills, but does not receive the proper material reward. Qualifications are improving, and wages are standing still.

Maybe you shouldn’t start by quitting right away. You can talk to management about a salary increase, which will be a logical consequence of developing the professional skills of a specialist. But if the company believes that there should be no causal relationship between these factors, then it’s time to think about changing jobs. Moreover, if we are talking about the IT industry, then on specialized platforms you can see many interesting offers. For example, AWS Cloud Engineer open vacancies

2. You are not satisfied with the schedule of work

Someone in the IT field is more comfortable working remotely. And someone, on the contrary, wants more interaction with the team in an office environment. There are those who prefer hybrid employment, when part of the work takes place in the office, and the other part at home. Each person has their own living conditions. If for one employee remote work is comfortable, then it can be difficult for another to concentrate during it if living with relatives, in particular with small children. These individual factors are extremely important.

3. You understand that you work in a toxic team.

Today, many companies pay sufficient attention to the microclimate in the team. Therefore, it is absolutely not necessary to stay at a job where you have to deal with toxic colleagues. You can find a company that focuses on the psychological well-being of employees and the atmosphere in the team. For example, it is easy enough to apply for AWS Developer jobs now if you’re a good developer.

4. There are no development opportunities at work.

This applies to those companies that provide stability but do not motivate the development of their teams. Today, development in the IT industry is the key to professional survival. If a specialist stands still and does not move forward professionally, their skills become obsolete. Therefore, working with monotonous tasks is not efficient enough, although it is easy. If you still want to go further, and along with the skills to increase your salary, then it is better to start preparing for the interview. Ready-made AWS DevOps interview questions and answers for other specialists will help with this.

5. Other companies offer better terms of cooperation

Sometimes people linger in one workplace out of habit. But when it comes to top IT specialties, this approach is not always rational. There are new companies and new opportunities. Somewhere for identical work, they can offer better financial rewards.

Therefore, you should always keep abreast of current events in your field, prospects, and trends. This will allow you to manage self-realization, reaching new heights in your chosen field.

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