How to Win Cash Prizes in Online Carrom Games?


Carrom board games online are accessible due to the convenience of playing. It is pretty famous even for the perks associated with it. Tricks are not complicated if you know them. With the help of a smartphone, you can easily play carrom without any physical equipment. It’s a good board game for adults, but that can’t stop children from playing it.

Digital Carrom is Better Than the Traditional!

Carrom, the traditional board game, has diversified itself with digital transformation. The digital world can break all barriers of the physical unavailability of friends and geographical boundaries. Moreso, the game gives you a healthy distraction from boredom and loneliness.

Another advantage of going digital is that it does not require a time commitment from the players. Online carrom offers the flexibility to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere. The lucrative part is that the game helps you enjoy perks.

Gain nothing in life without risk. So be careful while playing and know the hacks to beat your opponent smoothly. 

How is It More Convenient to Play Online in Place of Offline Carrom?

In online carrom, you need not invest long hours as the game is fast-paced. The online carrom game provokes quick thinking ability in you. The online carrom on the Playerzpot app is one of the best board games you can ever try; it requires the players to be quick and sharp and helps to enhance analytical ability, focus better, sharpens the mind, and make better predictions.

Win Real Cash

Winning real cash from the carrom game is super easy with Playerzpot now. Download the Playerzpot app and join the carrom board game. Try to score the winning points before your opponents and get the pool money in your wallet. Redeem it anytime you wish.

Are you wondering how to play carrom? Well, the strike-and-pocket game needs direction-specific striking abilities. You can try out the below-mentioned tips to win a real cash prize.

Maintain a positive attitude throughout the game. However, online gaming should not impact your daily life. Just relax and have fun.

Use your thumb and middle finger, index finger, thumbs hot, and upright-long fingerstyle. 

Maintain proper speed for potting the carrom men. The coins must not reach the pocket if you do not insert enough speed and force.

Direction is essential for potting. So be accurate in it. Practice cutting angles and maintain a good position for the board and pockets. Thus, blocking the target coin and boundaries’ baselines. 

The distance between you and the carrom board is vital for a strike. Balancing takes precedence. 

The Queen has a different color marking because it yields more points than regular coins. Try to give it more importance.

Why Choose Playerzpot?

The Covid 19 pandemic and work-from-home culture have made us homebound. Playerzpot helps you have fun with various online games and enjoy them while improving your social connection. One such game is carrom. Download carrom board game app today and stand a chance to win real prize. The game is the best mental exercise where players can make a perfect strike by sprinkling powder on the board so that the pucks can glide smoothly.

The platform is reliable with a user-friendly approach to easy-to-play games. Moreover, it takes care of all the security measures without breaching data privacy for the players.

With more than 1 Cr users and winnings of cash prizes up to 10 crores regularly, you can rejoice in the recourse to become the master of online games while experiencing an unparalleled gaming experience. 

Playerzpot, a licensed gaming platform, gives you several reasons to choose it over other platforms like:

We ensure the highest possible profit for our customers most easily and securely with our friendly customer-centric approach. With the predominant SOP and procedures, Playerzpot Fantasy sports wants to be one of the best management games for cricket.

Key Takeaway

Carrom has always been in demand. The picture of evening relaxation with a massive wooden board and local players refreshing their minds while having evening chats is pretty known. Like traditional carrom, online games must follow the same internationally recognized rules with a limited time for each strike.

In the digital era, online carrom refreshes childhood memories by offering a similar traditional carrom board game experience with some added benefits. The feeling and ambiance of playing a live match with friends and family are undoubtedly beneficial; however, the perks of online gaming are even better.

So, it’s time to reinvigorate your experience of the offline Carrom board game by playing online against your friends.

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