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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 15 Of Scarlet Witch’s Most Memorable Quotes

Scarlet Witch is one of the most intriguing character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here are some of her best lines.



Scarlet Witch is one of the most compelling characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not just because she is more powerful than she is often given credit for, but also because she first appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron as a villain.
Wanda Maximoff has plenty of wisdom to impart, given her transformation from villain to hero and her less-than-pleasant experience, and she does so in many of her movie quotes. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here are some of Scarlet Witch’s most unforgettable quotes.



“We Are An Unusual Couple…”

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If viewers had just heard Wanda say this line in the first episode of WandaVision, it probably wouldn’t have stuck with them. However, Elizabeth Olsen’s delivery of the verse, which is in perfect harmony with the 1950s sitcom theme, makes it stand out. It’s also one of the most widely used lines in the initial promotional campaign to promote the series.

A woman with superpowers and an artificial vibranium are an odd pair. WandaVision offers viewers the ability to see them as a couple, which the MCU movies didn’t have much time to do.


“Do You Know How It Felt? It Felt Like That.”

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Wanda is one of the few Marvel Cinematic Universe characters (MCU) who has encouraged writers to explore how we cope with grief and trauma. Wanda reacts aggressively and violently at first.

She joins Hydra’s experiments due to her resentment at Stark Industries for their involvement in her parents’ deaths. Wanda joins forces with Ultron for the same purpose, and when Ultron is found to be responsible for the death of her brother Quicksilver, she rips his heart out. The line heightens the audience’s knowledge of Wanda’s suffering.


“Is This Yours?”

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WandaVision has also proved to be a fascinating insight at Wanda’s sadness in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is irritated with someone who interferes with her happy ending.


As S.W.O.R.D. Interferes with Wanda’s existence; she uses her strength to catch and nullify a rocket, returning it to the officers. Wanda makes it clear that she is not to be trifled with when she throws the weapon at them and asks, “Is this yours?”This line, delivered by Elizabeth Olsen, tells the audience that, despite her hero status, Wanda can be extremely dangerous.


“You’re Pulling Your Punches.”

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Early on in Wanda’s time with the Avengers, it’s evident that Hawkeye becomes a mentor to her (and in Hawkeye’s Disney+ series, he gets the chance to mentor another hero). He is the one who persuades Wanda to join the Avengers, and he also assists her in meeting Captain America when the squad breaks over the Sokovia Accords.

Wanda has already deferred to Hawkeye so much in Captain America: Civil War that her interrupting his altercation with Black Widow makes the audience laugh, but it also reveals that Wanda isn’t playing around. She not only uses her power to drive Black Widow away from Hawkeye, but she also tells him that this is a real battle for her. It’s not about a couple of pals having an excellent time.


“Don’t Worry, Darling. I Have Everything Under Control.”

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WandaVision has shown viewers what a powerhouse of talent Wanda Maximoff is and highlights Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen’s acting talents. Yeah, she’s shown that she can summon raw power in a battle, but writing a happy ending for herself and Vision is a monumental challenge.

Though Vision has his doubts (and suspicions) about Westview, Wanda goes above and beyond to ensure that everything goes as planned. She does, for the most part, have the absolute power of everything.


“Everybody’s Afraid Of Something.”

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When interacting with superheroes, it’s easy to forget that behind the masks and capes are people. This quote from Avengers: Age of Ultron reminds audiences that their favorite heroes are, after all, human — and that they all have the same aspirations and fears as the rest of us.

And later in the film, Wanda proves her point when she tries to send the Avengers team into their own worst nightmares. Wanda gains even more influence as a result of the human propensity to be afraid.



“Sooner Or Later, Every Man Shows Himself.”

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Wanda says this in Age of Ultron as Ultron reflects on her failure to see inside his head. Even though Wanda cannot grasp Ultron’s motives the simple way, she believes that people’s true colors manifest over time. Ultron then confirms the hypothesis.

Wanda’s sentiment remains valid outside of the MCU as well, as individuals appear to expose their true selves over time. Hide and seek only lasts for a limited time.


“Ultron Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Saving The World And Destroying It. Wonder Where He Gets That From.”

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While many Avengers fans would disagree with this quote from the age of Ultron, it does have a different outlook on what our MCU heroes are doing for the universe. It’s undeniable that they’ve committed critical errors in the Infinity Saga, and Wanda is painfully frank about it.

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Although comparing the Avengers to Ultron isn’t entirely fair, it does make fans wonder if their heroes should be asking more questions before jumping in to save the day.


“It’s My Job.”

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Hawkeye’s feeling in Avengers: Age of Ultron that once Wanda steps outside to aid them, she’s a member of the Avengers is strong, but she has her own similarly captivating moment later when she decides to defend the heart. In contrast, the others who help evacuate innocent people are equally beautiful.

Wanda tells Hawkeye, “It’s my job,” stressing that she’s officially on the team — and that she’s willing to make enormous sacrifices for the good of others. This isn’t the first time Wanda has proven herself deserving of hero status, but it won’t be the last.


“You Guys Know I Can Move Things With My Mind, Right?”

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This is one of Wanda’s most humorous lines in the MCU, spoken during Captain America: Civil War when Cap has her scouting a region that their enemies might be attacking. Wanda tells him that she can shift things with her mind while he mentions all the challenges they might face, stressing that there’s no need to be worried because they have her talents going for them.


This remark is amusing, but it also highlights Wanda’s immense influence. When you have telekinesis, you don’t have to think about closed exits or bullet-proof vests.


“I Used To Think Of Myself One Way, But After This, I Am Something Else. And Still Me, I Think.”

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Wanda is left reeling after losing control of her powers while trying to stop an earthquake, resulting in many injuries, as well as the fact that the media seems to put the entire responsibility on her. Vision attempts to cheer her up, which leads to a heartfelt conversation between the two.

Wanda admits to being someone else through her powers after their conversation. But she also acknowledged that she’s the same human inside, as can be said of all of the MCU’s heroes — or anybody who finds themselves in a position of exceptional strength.


“I Can’t Control Their Fear, Only My Own.”

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Given the public’s fear of Scarlet Witch, Tony Stark effectively places her under house arrest, entrusting Vision with ensuring she does not go out in public. On the other hand, Hawkeye overtakes Vision when she arrives to inquire for her assistance, insisting that she can’t control anyone else’s fears but her own.

She even overcomes her doubts by knowing that she will make mistakes but preferring to be a hero regardless. It’s one of the best scenes in Captain America: Civil War, and it shows Wanda blossoming.


” That’s Too High A Price.”

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During Avengers: Infinity War, Wanda was the first to say that destroying Vision was “too high a price.” Captain America gets a lot of credit for refusing to risk one innocent life to save many, but she was the first to say that destroying Vision was “too high a price.”

Even if Wanda is slightly biased when it comes to Vision, her sentiment conveys that even one innocent life is too much to lose. Of course, she would have to make a choice — but not until she and the others have exhausted all other options.



“You Will.”

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Fans would agree Wanda is one of the most strong characters in the MCU after watching her take on Thanos and almost crush him on her own, but it’s the dialogue that makes this scene in Avengers: Endgame so fun. He reacts by claiming he has no idea who she is when she tells him he “took everything” from her.

“You will,” she promises before killing him — and if he had existed, he would have remembered her as a fearsome adversary—what a demonstration of courage.


” She Knows. They Both Do.”

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Wanda and Hawkeye have a heartfelt conversation about their missing loved ones at the end of Avengers: Endgame, with Hawkeye hoping he could reassure Natasha that the Avengers had succeeded. Wanda explains, “She understands.” “Both of them.”

This sentiment lends credence to the idea that Natasha and Vision are still active members of the Avengers, even though both characters are deceased and are both looking for their former teammates. And after all of the destruction, it’s a tearjerker sequence that ends the film on a positive note.


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