India Today issues an order asking Employees not to share personal political views on any social media

India Today

India Today Office (Credit: Justdial)

In a new set of instructions issued to the employees of India today, people are prohibited from sharing their personal political views. They are barred from any kind of eloquence of their ideas and thoughts on social media platforms. Meaning their individuality will be restrained and they will be no longer be able to post their opinions via their own social media handles. 

According to the mail sent to all the employees, third-party associations and others, it says that they will be only sharing things related to the company and not their personal opinions and viewpoints. The same mail ironically also addressed that this has nothing to do with the expression of freedom of speech. India today doesn’t see any violation of the right to manifest here! New low for the country, a new law for journalism. 

Yet another act of curbing intellect and intelligence in the name of sustaining decorum and discipline. Taking an inimical illustration would be violative of the right of freedom of speech and expression guaranteed under Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution of India. “Fair and frank reporting of events by electronic and print media cannot be curbed because it may harm the business of some class of persons. The freedom of speech and expression, which includes within its ambit freedom of the press, is subject only to reasonable restrictions imposed by law for a specific purpose.”

Much contrary to the logic and rational ideas, Despite the bio affirming “Views are private & do not represent the media network” they will be hindered from dispensing ideas. It works no more? This is a clear breach of their right to exercise freedom of speech. As per the notice issued to the journalist and other employees of India today meant that opinion must in line with the editors, and they’ll not be enabled to comment upon channel’s hyperbole topics from personal handles. Any divergence from the issued guidelines may lead to termination and other disciplinary procedure against the person not following. The guidelines are issued for two months and will be in effect immediately.

The country today is no more run on the principle of a democratic constitution. It has turned into an authoritarian form exercising their own ideas and passing verdicts.

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