12 Indian Food Instagram Accounts Every Foodie Should Follow

Are you a foodie? If yes, then you must be obviously following many foodstagrams (Food Instagram Accounts), aren't you? But does our list fit into your following list? Let's find out! P.S. These foodstagrams of India will surely make your tummy rumble.

12 Indian Food Instagram Accounts Every Foodie Should Follow

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Who doesn’t love food? Everyone does, right? Yeah!! And what everyone does too is following foodstagrams. So, today we at BuzzPedia thought, why not bring you all our favorite foodstagrams for you to check out? Though the chances are that you’re already following them (at least some if not all).

These foodstagrams will transport you to the greatest regions of India, with the most sumptuous delicacies and sinful foods you’ve ever seen.

Disclaimer: These drool-worthy accounts will magically flood your feed! You should scroll at your own risk.

1. @shivesh17

Why should you follow it? The masterpieces of this 19-year-old will leave you dumbfounded (and running to the kitchen). We were blown away by his vanilla poppy seed cake, meringue frostings, apple galettes, and more when we first discovered his account.


A self-taught baker who works her magic in the kitchen by simply producing, arranging, and photographing the most stunning sweets. A visual feast for the eyes.

2. @thewhiteramekins

Why should you follow it? Himanshu Taneja is a computer programmer by day and a celebrity food blogger and photographer by night, and his stunning photographs are sure to tempt your taste buds.

Empirics Asia

He shows you how to make Laal Maas, Bundt Cake, Shakshuka, and a lot more.

3. @sugarnspicebyradhika

Radhika Malhotra will bake her way into your heart with Salted Caramel Stuffed Cookies and Granola Bars, as well as a Nutella Cheesecake and Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Sugar n Spice by Radhika

Prepare for gooey chocolate, a plethora of peanut butter, and a sneak peek at some of India’s top restaurants, particularly in the capital.

4. @kuljyoti.dhingra

Why should you follow it? A momo addict who enjoys cooking and exploring and who invites you to join her on a genuinely culinary adventure.


Foodies, you’re in for a treat as she prepares Bread Lasagna, Butter Chicken Pasta, and the delectable Triple Layer Garlic Bread Sandwich! (yum, yum)

5. @foodfashionparty

Why it’s worth following: Asha Shiv has you covered with everything from breakfast ideas to quick and simple entertaining ideas to exquisite desserts to boozy cocktail hour creations.


6. @chefsanjana

Why it’s worth following: We adore Chef Sanjana‘s behind-the-scenes videos from La Folie, where she shows us how to make macarons, chocolate decadence, and eclairs. Take a look at the magician in action!

Hindustan Times

7. @sooosaute

Why should you follow it? The Instagram feed of this Bangalore-based food blogger is 50 percent food and 100 percent lovely.


Picture-perfect lighting, delectable food + beverages, and a pleasant, playful demeanor.

8. @funfoodandfrolic

Why it’s worth following: Hina Gujral‘s delectable Rice Phirni served in a mitti ka kulhad, Punjabi Kadhi Pakora, Dal Vada, Pahidi Style Vrat ki Panjiri, and anything desi is all worth following.



We assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

9. @saffrontrail

Why it’s worth following: If you’re a fan of avocado and fresh foods, this is the account to follow.

Saffron Trail

A nutritionist and food blogger who occasionally cheats on her salad diet with Gajar ka Halwa.

10. @shwetainthekitchen

Why should you follow it? A home chef and food fanatic who can whip up a storm in the kitchen no matter what cuisine she chooses, from Italian pasta to Indian curries.

Shweta In The Kitchen

Go ahead and say it: Get your phones out and start staring!

11. @thoughtsoverchai

Why should you follow it? A tea enthusiast who enjoys cooking and touring, she invites you on a genuinely culinary adventure from Mumbai to Dubai and back.


Foodies, you’re in for a treat as she prepares Sloppy Joes, Banana Oats Blueberry Bread, and delectable Murg Massalam!

12. @whiskaffair

Why should you follow it? The Instagram account of this Bangalore-based food and lifestyle blogger is mostly food and travel.


Picture-perfect lighting, delectable food + beverages, and a pleasant, playful demeanor.

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