Why the ‘Indian Police’ is Unable To Catch the ‘Most Wanted?’

Indian Police

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Indian Police or for that matter Police Unit of any nation, who have neither a ‘fixed’ time to leave home nor a definite one to come home. You all must have heard an eye-opener filmy line that is ‘the hands of the law are very long.’ which roughly means ‘You can’t escape the long arm of the law OR the police will catch you if you have done something illegal. However, the police duty is not as quite as smooth as we see in entertainment shows. Police job is wholly confidential with dexterity and sharp accountability. The duty of police officers is round the clock, no off on festivals and no gazetted holiday, they stay vigilant the whole day.

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When some police officers want to attain something uncommon which is far ahead from the normal fascination, they face up various protocols and adversities. Undoubtedly, the Indian police force has the competency and they implement it too, but some of the police personnel remain vexated with their jobs.

But, catching a most wanted fugitive is not child’s play. It takes a spare of time without any sort of letup. The Indian Police department is continually trying but they face up the assorted dearth of force & power. So, here are the challenges by which they toil around while policing. They all are really debatable matters.

First, our policy framework is old school which has not been renovated for ages. Police stations and vehicles are in ramshackle. Such that, some of our police stations have no vehicles. They deal with obsolete forensic and the lack of cyberinfrastructure, with no wireless and telephone setups. Sometimes, they have to work arduously to secure the corroborations.

Second, laws are made for everyone and as a citizen of a nation, everyone has to follow the laws with candidness and respect. But, the VIP culture is wreaking the thread of police laws and judiciary and it is absolutely an infringement of fundamental rights.

Third, when it comes to, weaponry and other gadgets, the police department is coping with antiquated weapons and tactics. Many police personnel doesn’t know how to accurately hold and load the weapons so there is a lack of training sessions too.

Fourth, there is an acute shortage in the police department, especially of women cops. If we have more manpower as well as women power it will be complacent to give relaxation to police personnel as weekly off and as a result, our police remain ecstatic and triggered.

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Fifth, pendency in cases such as various sorts of cases filed in the judiciary remains pending for investigation. But, even though the Indian judiciary is unhurried but at least not unlawful. Judiciary takes its time to get justice but justice is sure. But, at a time backlog in pendency cases is an elephant foot for the police department. Government initiatives like fast track courts are also established to cover up the pending cases.

Sixth, politicization in the police department and political meddling in policing matters restrain and exert pressure on the officers which perturb their daily routine investigation. The Police force is for the people and their autonomy and its accountability is to the people only, not to the politicians.

Seventh, the lack of financial support from the government. The police department often goes undercover, to lay hold of the most wanted with their undercover operations but due to lack of finances and assistance, they fail. But, where there is a will there is a way, when police officers are unable to do it legally, some extra-legal methods are followed by our law enforcers to accomplish the task but that too is aborted sometimes due to lack of required curriculum.

Eighth, even though the hands of the law are very long but their hands are tied with laws too. The salubrious and admirable police-public relationship is vital to secure the desired measure of public involvement in the police operations to make it acceptable to society. Categorically, law and order in the society is a public woo too, without the support of the public no government or police can maintain law and order in the society.

Ninth, lack of coordination between the center and state police makes difficulties in some of the hardcover operations and investigations. The Centre and state police force must work cooperatively as a well-coordinated system that can ultimately add plus points for the country in various operations.

Tenth, Police personnel in India works overtime but they don’t get paid extra, and sometimes they don’t even get their salary on time. The Police forces every time risk their life and many police personnel are killed during their duty. So, there must be a fixed job hour like 8-9 hours so that the police force doesn’t get vexated and can do their job actively and absotively.

Other loopholes like Corruption, lack of a digitalized system, lack of independence in police investigations, lack of non-core police functions, police environment, and a lot more.

All of these challenges paint the same picture. With these challenges, it is hard to catch the ball. But, we welcome police reforms as well as judicial reforms in our country. All these are the root causes that why we are unable to catch the most wanted till now.


Article submitted by AMRINDER MAAN From Bathinda (Punjab)

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