Indian space association and its significance.

Space Age in India.

Indian space association and its significance.

PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the Indian Space Association (ISpA) on October 11, 2021. He while the launch of the Indian Space Association on a virtual platform also represented and addressed the stakeholders of this massive Indian Space Project. The founders of this big project include OneWeb, Bharti Airtel, Mapmyindia, Walchandnagar Industries, and Ananth Technology Limited etc.

ISpa is a private industry sector dealing with space policies and might help in enhancing the Indian space sector all around the globe and will help in the growth of a country.

Indian space association will collaborate and work with ISRO and other space-oriented organizations on technologies and policies associated with the Space Domain. This could be an astonishing step towards the Indian space sector’s upliftment.

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Prime Minister while addressing the meeting mentioned several aspects and his vision of this entire project. If it worked as said this could prove a wonderful step in the development of the Indian Space Sector. He talked about how this is a crucial move in reforming the Space Sector and stepping forward with the vision of “Atma Nirbhar Bharat”. 

He mentioned how it could be a good platform for women to come forward and do extraordinary things in space and how it should be encouraged. He gave the reference to the picture taken during the success of India’s Mars Mission in which women engineers were celebrating. He mentioned how Indian Space was controlled by the Indian Government and organizations and now it should be open for talents from all around be it any public or government sector.

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He showed trust in the project and its importance in the boost of the Public Sector. He said how it would be beneficial for the farmers, fishermen, and the ecology of the country. “It is a well-thought, integrated economic strategy,” said PM Modi adamantly. He pointed out how the world is moving at a higher pace from the Information Technology age to the Space Age and India cannot afford to stay back. He also talked about how space needs to have an open platform with private and startups finding new avenues in the space sector.  

“Our approach for space reforms is based on these pillars. The first is to give full freedom to innovate to the private sector. Second, the government sector will work as an enabler. The third is getting the youth ready for the future. We have new thinking around the space sector. No time for linear innovation. Time for exponential innovation. Govt. will have to be an enabler, not a handler in the space sector,” said Narendra Modi.

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Milestone for India’s Space Age:

This startup has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with ISRO to help with facility sharing. Several private sector companies, global and domestic have taken interest in the Indian Space Project. It could prove very beneficial for the growth and development of this sector and might help in creating more and more employment in this particular sector.

Sunil Mittal, Nelco from Tata Group, Neha Satak of Astrome Technologies, Awais Ahmed CEO of Pixxel, and others showed their trust and mentioned how they want to make the space-based broadband network accessible and cheap and uplift the connectivity circle all around India.

Many Indian and International companies are looking forward to satellite communication on a higher pedestal to provide internet connectivity. Experts have suggested how satellite internet will be beneficial in areas with dense populations and remote areas. India had only 3 lakh satellite communications customers, compared with 45 lakh in the US and 21 lakh in the European Union, as of August 2021. This launch could prove to be immensely helpful for the space sector and all-around development of India as well and mark the starting of the Space Age in India.

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