Money Heist Part 5 Vol 1: Top Moments From The Series

If you still haven't seen volume 1– this is a spoiler-packed recollection of the best scenes in Money Heist.

Money Heist Part 5 Vol 1: Top Moments From The Series


The fifth part of Money Heist will end soon, and with it, the crime drama series will end too. The first volume of La Casa De Papel was released on 3rd September, and we have already reached the destination– or more like the mid-stop before the final ride. Read the full review of the fifth part here.

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December is still 2 months away, and we cannot stop pondering about all the action-packed scenes making us gasp and catch our breath every minute. 

So, here are the top moments from Vol. 1 of the fifth part of Money Heist– 

1. When Alicia almost overthrew the Professor

The shrewd antagonist was burning in fury after CNI, the government, and Tamayo made her the scapegoat.

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No matter how much we love El Professor, Sierra is indeed a cunning lady and could almost defeat the Professor. For a moment, the audience was made to believe that it was over for Sergio and the gang was alone. 

2. When Berlin met his son ‘Rafael.’

In the midst of the chaos, there are flashbacks in every episode, a traditional series pattern. This time the story is about Berlin, his son Rafael and his wife, Tatiana.


Rafael is seen developing feelings for Tatiana, and when Berlin says, “If you really need something in this world, you’ll have to steal it from someone else, ” Rafael looks longingly at Tatiana. The next volume will reveal this mystery and how it is related to the present-day heist! Till then, fans are concocting their own theories.

3. When The Professor saved Marseille

After leaving Lisbon inside the Bank of Spain in front of 3000 cops, Marseille was being watched by every single camera in Madrid. The Professor, through a flashback of their class, told the team that there was ‘nowhere’ where Marseille could land.

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So, how was he going to make him disappear? The Professor is the master of manipulation and illusion. With a very tricky and smart move, he asks Jakov to land the plane in the middle of a farm– which was portrayed to be the property of Benjamin– while Marseille hid in the car. Benjamin made up a story of a man killing his lambs and running away in a Volvo– the same that carried Raquel. 

With evidence put into the right place to turn them into winning cards, Professor leaves us impressed yet again. 

4. When Alicia’s water broke

With the Professor seemingly defeated, Marseille and Benjamin tied up and helpless– Sierra managed to almost win– until her water broke at the wrong time. With no one to help her, she had to, at last, free the Professor and take his help.


Thus, the stormwater tank, which was Professor’s hiding place, becomes the birthplace of Sierra’s daughter. If this didn’t happen, the Professor might have lost– and Denver, Manila, and Tokyo would have been executed on the rooftop. 

5. When Monica shot Arturo

Arturo’s hero complex does not get suppressed quickly and is stretched into this season as well. With the Governor by his side, he can seize guns and attack the team. In the hope of irritating Denver to scorch him with a flamethrower, he talks about Monica.


Monica and Denver were already having a challenging period in their relationship, so Denver got furious more effortlessly. Monica, to save Denver, jumps in front of Arturo and is unable to resist pulling the trigger.

She shoots Arturo, and he is badly injured– almost on the verge of dying. For fans, it was one of the best scenes until he got his pulse again, was rushed to the hospital, and finally left the bank.

6. When Rio and Tokyo danced

In one of the flashbacks, Tokyo and Rio talk under the stars. Rio says that he likes watching the stars, and Tokyo asks him to read his future. A beautiful conversation ensues between them, sparking emotions, and Rio asks Tokyo to dance with her.


In a series of flashbacks, the two of them and Tokyo and her ex-boyfriend, killed in a heist, are seen dancing happily. Tokyo teaches us that each person has ‘multitudes’ when it comes to life, and you can fall in love again.

7. And finally, when she dies…

After losing Nairobi, Helsinki, and Berlin, the fans were sure that Tokyo would not die as she was the Narrator since the beginning of the series. But, in the last scene of the concluding episode, Tokyo is injured badly with the snipers shot at her incessantly.

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Denver and Manila escape the trap and call Tokyo to come, but Tokyo remembering Nairobi and Professor, who has been her ‘Guardian Angel’ from the beginning– does not leave. 

With the bombs attached to her chest, she pulls the detonator to kill Gandia and his team– dying in the process.

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