Most Powerful Moments In Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things season 4 comes to an end with the release of vol 2. With the next season likely released in 2024, let us take a short trip down memory lane and revisit some of the best moments in Stranger Things 4.

Most Powerful Moments In Stranger Things 4


Stranger Things released the second volume of its fourth season on the first of July. Fans were so excited about the new episodes that the OTT platform Netflix crashed for several minutes upon its release. 

The fourth season ends with Vecna still alive and Will sensing his presence. While the fifth season is set to release in the summer of 2024, let us re-live some of the powerful moments from the series from the fourth season- 

1. Letter to Billy 

Max’s role in this season is huge, especially with Vecna making her one of his victims to open the gate. After Billy’s unfortunate death in the previous season, Max had a hard time handling it.


She secluded herself from her friends and she was one of the characters whose vulnerable side was explored by the creators. 

Before going with their plan of luring Vecna, Max went to Billy’s grave to read out a heart-wrenching letter apologizing that she was unable to do anything to save him. The episode named “Dear Billy” became the fan’s favorite. 

2. Chrissy’s Death 

Not one of the warmest scenes in the series, we agree, but Chrissy’s death was Vecna’s first kill and Duffer Brothers did really well with cracking bones and bleeding eye sockets.


The cruel nature of Vecna’s killing added a new layer of gore and violence that was not there in the prior seasons. 

Along with it, Eddie’s reaction and terror blended with the horror of Chrissy’s death making it more thrilling. 

3. Will and Mike’s Conversation about Eleven 

It was clear in Vol 1 that Will was suppressing his emotions. Whether he was actually a straight character or not was left for the audience’s interpretation, but it became apparent that he had feelings for Mike as he asked him to hold on to Eleven while his own eyes were glinting with tears. 

The maturity of this scene and the multi-faceted sentiments the creators displayed made it one of the most emotionally rich scenes.

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While Mike is scared that Eleven may not need him anymore, Will is trying to make him understand that being different is not easy as he has seen all the sides of Eleven.

He is also concealing his own feelings as his friendship is at stake. It is evident that the advice he is sharing with Mike is something he wanted a friend to say to him.

4. Joyce and Hopper’s First Kiss 

Fans have been waiting forever for that date in Enzo. Joyce and Hopper always shared special chemistry that was unexplored till the end of the second season.

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Hopper confessed to Enzo that he regrets risking Joyce’s life. While Joyce was adamant about saving Hopper and did not think twice before hopping on a plane with a strange Russian man- they are definitely endgame! 

The brewing chemistry finally culminates in a beautiful kiss shared between the two in Russia. 

5. Brenner’s Death 

Brenner has been one of the most controversial characters in the series. He was never a direct antagonist but several of his moves pointed at the destruction he had caused. 

Episode 8 of volume 2 named Papa primarily focuses on Brenner and Eleven as the two try to unveil the demons inside both of them. Eleven, after struggling with the demons Brenner forced upon her, finally understood that Brenner was doing all of it for Henry.

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Although he had feelings for all of his children, it was vague whether it was because of the role they served in his plans. Brenner asks Eleven to say that she understands whatever Brenner had done was for her own good. However, Eleven could not let all the damage slide and forgive him. 

This scene became one of the most memorable as sometimes the pain inflicted upon you and the people you love is much more for you to forgive a person, even when they are dying. 

6. Eddie’s Most Metal Concert Ever 

Eddie Munson was short-lived but easily among the best characters in Stranger Things. A memorable scene from Vol 2 is when Dustin and Eddie have to draw the bat-like creatures away from Steve, Nancy, and Robin for their plan to work.

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Eddie plays “Master of Puppets” by Metallica in the Upside Down while Max tries to hide from Vecna and Erica runs from Jason who still thinks the gang is behind the murders. 

In this iconic scene, Eddie gives a thrilling performance while Max is successful to hide in a happy memory. 

7. Max’s Death 

Another scene that left us vulnerable was Maxine’s death. Even after killing Vecna, Eleven was unable to save Max, and Henry’s plan finally worked, rifting apart the town of Hawkins.

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As Max slowly succumbs to death in Lucas’s arms, we see Eleven trying to wake her up while Lucas is unaware of her presence. 

The scene is powerful in a different way as it shows their friendship that is separated by the barriers of space. Although Eleven was successful to bring her back to life, it was the most heartbreaking scene in the series.

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