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Mexican paleontologists identified a new species of dinosaurs and they believed that it has to be very communicative. These dinosaurs are said to be using low-frequency sounds like elephants to communicate with each other, a researcher told.

These species were found in Mexico’s northern state of Coahuila, palaeontologist named the specimen Tlatolohphus galorum, which died around 72 million years ago. Palaeontologist discovered first the tail of the species then they later found the bony skull which was used by these creatures for communication. Apart from this the researchers also found out the bones of the shoulder and femur of the dinosaur

Angel Alejandro Ramirez the paleobiologist of Mexico said that they are calculating the size and it can be 12 meters long as the tail of the specimen is around 6 meters. They also said that the dinosaurs were very communicative, they even produce low-frequency sounds like elephants which can travel several kilometers.

Mexican researchers think that the Tlatolohphus galorum’s crest may have been in red color. They also could produce loud sound to scare off the predators. The researchers of Mexico also believed that the dinosaurs like Morden birds were in colour so the structure like crest maybe possibly in a bright colour or the multicolor 

The researchers are still under investigation about the discovery, but the research has been already published in the scientific journal of Cretaceous research, according to INAH.

Thus, it is an exceptional case in Mexican paleontology, there must be several events that occurred in Coahuila when it was a tropical region, and it is conserved in the condition it was found 

 The name Tlatolophus is derived from the tlahtolli-which means indigenous in Nahuatl language – and lophus which means crest in Greek, said by researchers.  


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