8 Of Our Favourite Non-Hindi Coke Studio Indian Songs

Back-to-back blockbuster hits have come from Coke Studio and now, it has become synonymous with good music and the concept of bringing different musicians together to make music on a single platform. It has broken all linguistic barriers and provided us with a popular song selection.

8 Of Our Favourite Non-Hindi Coke Studio Indian Songs

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Coke Studio at MTV undoubtedly has great songs. The overwhelming essence just takes you away.

Since it has a series in India, Pakistan, Africa, the Middle East, and North Africa, the Coke Studio songs have been effective in attracting both a national and international audience. B

ut it’s the collaborations that we like the most, as well as the music they create. Folk, qawwali, Sufi, and other genres are represented in Coke Studio songs.

Each Coke Studio song on MTV will take your breath away with its powerful essence and emotions.

Here’s a selection of non-Hindi studio tracks that should be on your playlist. Because a few wouldn’t be enough!

1. Vethalai 

This song, as well as Chinnaponnu’s voice, is one of the most refreshing and motivating songs you’ll ever hear. The mix is a lovely combination of soul and sound.

Image Source: youtube

Listen to the song to the end for the wonderful guitar strums that suit the thavil beats and the dramatic ending that follows. Kailash Kher will astound you, as he usually does.

2. Rangabati

Prepare to close your eyes and drift away. Sona Mohapatra and Rituraj Mohanty’s sincere dedication to their home state of Odisha is guaranteed to become a favorite on your playlist.

Image Source: sambadhenglish

The song combines the evergreen Sambhalpuri folk song Rangabati with the state anthem Bande Utkala Janani.

Image Source: youtube

Vandiyile, a rendition of the classic Tamil harvest song, is a visual and auditory delight. As you listen to this popular rendition, the brilliance of the Usha Uthup will give you chills.

Enjoy the tranquillity of the tune. The ghungroos, the thavil, the nadaswaram, and the melody. Everything is in the right place.

4. Sundari Komola

This song is a beautiful blend of emotion, strength, and beauty. While the Bangla portion of the song would calm your soul, the English portion will amplify it and give you genuine goosebumps.

Image Source: youtube

5. Moner Manush

This Bangla song is a cover of Lalon Fakir’s original bail geet, which is arguably the greatest.

Image Source: hmxd

If you close your eyes, you can have the impression that you’re on a boat headed to heaven! With their wonderful voices, the singers will steal your heart.

6. Ki Banu Duniya Da

This lovely melody will relax both your head and your soul.

Image Source: lyricsbuzz

Gurdas Maan Sahab’s forceful words, together with Diljit Dosanjh’s impassioned voice and therefore the melody, create an unbelievably magnificent entrancing tune. It’s a tune that’s both energizing and moving.

7. Zariya 

Zariya, AR Rahman’s song, promises lilting melodies, soulful sounds, and ethereal voices.

Image Source: youtube

This rendition, sweetly sung by Ani Choying and Farah Siraj, delivers tranquility and quiet as a bonus!

8. Jhumoor

While every song featuring Paon is beautiful, Dulal Manki and Samantha Shekhar steal the show in this one.

Image Source: music allowed

The Assamese folk section of the song will leave you with a large smile on your face for at least a few days.

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