10 Powerful Lessons To Learn From Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani, the wealthiest man in the country, can surely give a lesson or two to our budding entrepreneurs about business. But since he is busy raking in bucks, The Second Angle brings in the 10 business lessons that every entrepreneur can learn from him.

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Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani started India’s biggest economy leading company Reliance Industries by market value along with his father, Dhirubhai Ambani back in 1980. Reliance Industries is a Fortune Global 500 company that has entitled Mukesh Ambani as the second wealthiest person in Asia, and 14th wealthiest person in the world with a total net worth of around US$74 billion as in January ou wer2021.If you were to ask a businessman like Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani to speak of his rise to success and what kept him going, he must say so from years of his experience . But since this man is among those individuals who are ‘practitioners’, and not just ‘preachers’ or ‘talkers’, he holds the firm belief that all that happens to you is an immediate outcome of the ‘understanding’ you have about the nature of your business. 

Below are 10 business lessons we must learn from Mukesh Ambani:-

1. Money Is the Byproduct of Success

From business magnate Elon Musk and Jack Ma to Mukesh Ambani’s father, Reliance Industries’ founder- Dhirubhai Ambani, every successful business tycoon has always believed that just chasing money alone can’t ever guarantee anybody a successful business.

Mukesh,  held on his father’s, word  and with this vision, he has succeeded in building a spot for his company in the top cadre of success stories in India with nearly 25,000 workforces and over 3 million stakeholders.

2.Trust Everyone, Depend on None

Without a doubt, similar to any other affluent personality, he does have a group of trustworthy people, yet he underscores the significance of being associated with the business so you don’t need to blindly depend on others for your own business achievement. He proceeds with self-learning and stays decidedly ready so he can handle difficulties himself as they emerge.

3. Talk Less, Do More

10 Powerful Lessons To Learn From Mukesh Ambani
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This statement by Israelmore Ayivor impeccably defines Ambani’s way to deal with progress. He is perhaps the most talked-about personalities in the country yet his centre of focus has consistently been his business Not only does he keep a low profile in the social circle, he  keeps a distance himself from any kind of controversies.He keeps his feet firm in the ground and remains focused on the task at hand.

4. Treat Investor’s Money More Carefully Than Your Own

While numerous business organizations deal with investors cash as if they won the lottery ,Ambani, on the other hand, treats investors’ cash much more cautiously than the billions he has amassed.

5. Nurture Your Staff, Not the Profit

A non-debatable business ethic for Ambani is to have the right team at work. He believes: “You can’t do anything without the right team. It is very important to align the team passionately to your own passion.” Regardless of whether your staff needs you, or your opposition – be there every time to give your fullest.

6. Take Risks, but Make Sure They’re Calculated

Mukesh is a greater amount of an adventure seeker than a gambler when it comes to taking risks.

In 2015 Ambani took an action which many ideas were dangerous.The downturn was a response to Ambani’s choice to turn out 4G,the mobile phone network, 4G.

What we learn is that risks ought to be calculative. Given the uptake of mobile phones as computing devices, Ambani could do the wholes and realize that getting in on 4G early would be a success.

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7. Let Your Instincts Guide You and Your Work Speak for the Critics

Ambani doesn’t appear to pay a great deal of mind to what exactly individuals say about him. Mukesh might be called a ‘rich man without a heart’ attributable to his binge spending of cash on building his home Antilia and putting resources into cricket crew,he  he still does what he feels is right

8. Dream Big

Mukesh thinks having a dream and running after it is the most important thing for any business to distinguish its niche space.

In the 90s, Ambani, at that point in his 30s, had longed for turning into the biggest maker of polyester fibre and yarn on the planet .Today, RIL is on the top with a capacity of 2.5 million tons for each annum, beating the customary makers from South Korea and Taiwan.

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9. Don’t panic and stay strong

Mukesh Ambani joined his dad’s business at an exceptionally youthful age. And while still learning the subtleties of the business,he assumed his dad’s position and guided the organization forward when India was as yet in License Raj.

10. There Is No Substitute for Hard Work

Nothing beats the age-old toil if you want to make it big.

Mukesh Ambani thinks: “It is important to remember, there are no overnight successes. You will need to be dedicated, single-minded, and there is no substitute for hard work.”

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