Ram Gupta: Inspiring story of a small town guy who is winning B-Town with his art work at RVCJ

Ram Gupta

Ram Gupta is a well-known art director and production designer for Bollywood and Marathi movies and serial sets. He has worked in Blockbusters like Badlapur and many Marathi movies and serials.

Ram hails from a humble family in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. He was born in 1992.

Gupta’s childhood was spent in extreme poverty. From his childhood, he wanted to turn his fortune. He had a fascination for movies and serials from a very early age which inspired him to move to Mumbai to try his luck in Bollywood.

He landed in Mumbai in 2006, with barely 20 rupees in his pocket. Another chapter of his struggle begins in Mumbai. Initially, there was no job for him in the dream city and he was going through starvation and started to feel that he made a blunder leaving his hometown and moving to this costly city. He was disappointed with his life. But his friends in Mumbai inspired him to try his hands at Hindi films as a camera operator which might earn him even 200 rupees a day.  He took that as an opportunity to enter the industry. He worked as a camera operator for a few movies but never gave up his dream of making big in Bollywood.

He got a chance to show his art direction and production skills in a few small Bollywood projects working as an assistant director which caught the attention of the Bollywood big brothers.

Soon he got the favour of his fortune and got a big break in the blockbuster movie Badlapur. Currently, Ram Gupta is working with RVCJ Media as Art Director.

According to Ram, that was his turning point in life as his work in the movie was widely admired by the film fraternity and he has never looked back since then. More movies came his way. He also worked in a few Marathi movies and teleserials.

Ram Gupta on the set of RVCJ

Today when he looks back on his struggle days, Ram finds himself a self-made man who came from nowhere and secured a place in Bollywood with his dream and hard work.


He created a Youtube channel by the name of Ram Art RCVJ a few years back which has 3 Million followers.

Ram Gupta is one of those successful names who always believed in hard work and perseverance to win over adversities of life in the pursuit of making his dream come true.

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