Remote Play from Xbox is now available for iPhones

Remote play

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Xbox has announced that Remote Play will be available on iPhone via the Xbox App. Remote Play means playing games on your mobile through your Xbox console. This feature was available on Android phones for quite a while. It is a nice change that new features are still coming to Xbox App despite the ongoing dispute between Xbox and  Apple regarding xCloud.


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How to use Xbox remote play

The app will guide you through set-up on your enrolled Xbox console. This includes a test to ensure your home network, console, and controller are ready for Xbox remote play. So, if your connection checks out you do not need to worry about any latency issues.

There are a lot of uses of Remote Play like playing in your bathroom if the TV is occupied by another member (playing somewhere else), and a lot more. The uses are only limited to your imagination.

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The PlayStation has had this feature way before Xbox included it. However, it needs a separate app both on Android and iPhones. The PS remote app now seems to be updated for compatibility with PS5. Other than the remote play features, the Xbox App new features also include,

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The Xbox App seems to be updated and polished regularly, as Xbox seems to move its strategy from Hardware to Software sales. It is also nice that all the features will be available for next-gen consoles at launch like Xbox Series X|S. Xbox Series X|S will launch in India on November 10 for ₹49,990 and ₹34,990 respectively.

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