Looking For A Short Film To Watch? Badboli Bhavna Might Be The One!

Sometimes we don't have the time to watch a whole film but we do want entertainment, don't we? That's when short films step in and Amazon Mini TV is here with its "Badboli Bhavna" for you to watch and enjoy without investing too much of your time.

Looking For A Short Film To Watch? Badboli Bhavna Might Be The One!

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Badboli Bhavna is the latest add for Amazon mini TV project. Before we speak about Badboli Bhavna, you must be wondering what Amazon mini TV is, it’s a free online streaming service available on the Amazon app on your very mobile phones!

Ever wondered what to watch for a meal but don’t want it to be too long? Then Amazon mini TV offers a wide range of content for free and that is surely very entertaining.

Badboli Bhavna is a short film on a social media influencer and all the sides of being a social media influencer.

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The plot is about Bhavna who goes by the social media handle name @badbolibhavna. She is in the dream run of being an influencer and is on the brink of reaching a million followers.

Bhavna also struggles to maintain a balance between her being a social media influencer and her marriage which is falling apart.

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There are a lot of things this particular short film addresses, including multiple social issues like sexism and the way society, undervalues few professionals.

Bhavna herself is struggling with the issues she has with her husband but she also feels responsible to speak to her followers whenever she notices something wrong, even if it is someone who’s related to her.

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Towards the end of the film, the couple agrees on keeping a separation between their digital and personal life. If you’re in for a short and a sweet watch then definitely give this one a try.

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