“Bihar Se Ho Kya?”: 10 Stereotypes That Every Bihari Faces

Being a Bihari is a challenge. As you're constantly showered with some ridiculous stereotype. It is not just challenging but gets tiring as well. Let's go through some of the most used stereotypes that almost all Biharis have heard at some point in time.

We, Biharis, who are living far away from our native state for various purposes like jobs, education, etc… have come across multiple expressions attached to our regional identity, which many a time make us scratch our heads in annoyance. These expressions make their way to us because there are various stigmas attached to Biharis and we are constantly in the struggle to prove them wrong. But I wonder, why the ill-conceived notion is there about us? The answer is Cinema. Apparently, Biharis in the entertainment industry are portrayed as the most ridiculous group of society. And hence, everyone in the country or abroad, perceive us like that only.

Many a time we also get to hear “You don’t look like a Bihari” from our friends and colleagues. The most amusing and annoying thing at the same time is that they mean it as a compliment to us. When in reality they are indirectly insulting the region we come from. And it is not just limited to Biharis but to Bengalis, South Indians, UP residents, etc in the country and Indians, in general, when it comes to the world. People are like that, literally everywhere. They don’t acknowledge the cultural differences, whatsoever.

Today, we at TSA have brought to you some of those widely used stereotypical expressions in the context of us, Biharis, which we and many others like us have faced in the land far away from our home-town.

  1. Waah! Bihari ho phir bhi English aati hai?!

BihariNahi Bhai! We have English Medium Schools in Bihar to teach us Hindi and English to maine Bihar se bahar nikal kar seekhi hai. *Eyeroll*

  1. You’re actually a Bihari? Lagte toh nahi ho!  

*Facepalm* Okay wait! Tell me, “What does a typical Bihari look like?” Don’t they have the same 2 ears, eyes, hands, legs and a nose like everyone else?? Or do they have thorns on their heads or maybe they look like aliens, right?

  1. It Must Be Difficult For You All To Learn Hindi. Wahan Toh Bhojpuri Boli Jaati Hai Na?

O bhaiii! Maaro mujhe maaro!!

This one particular question itself reflects the narrow mindedness of people. In fact, if you take just one minute out to google this, you’ll find out that there are 6 different languages which are being spoken in Bihar, and Hindustani (a colloquial mix of Urdu and Hindi) is what most of the Biharis speak.

  1. UPSC nahi doge? Bihari hokar bhi?

*major facepalm moment* No bro! Look, Bihar has a population of  9.9 Cr…Not everybody appears in UPSC here, okay?

  1. Tum Bihari “Main” Ko “Hum”” Kyun Kehte Ho? “Hum” matlab “Tum or …”??

Firstly, not just Biharis but people from a lot of other regions speak like that. And secondly, we do that to give respect to ourselves. You should too 😏😎

  1. Ek Baar “Lollipop Lage Lu” Gaa Kar Sunao Na?


  1. Tum Bihari Toh Hanth Se Khana Khatey Hoge Na?

Haan, Kyu Aap Pairon Ka Bhi Istemal Kartey Hain? 🤪

  1. Tumhare Ghar To Roz Litti Chokha Banta Hoga?

Nahi bhai! No one can eat a particular thing daily. Just like you eat a lot of things, we do too.

  1. Cheating Mein Toh Expert Hoge Tum?

Haan, hum toh sirf cheating karke hi pass hue hain. *Don’t miss the sarcasm*

  1. Tumhare Ghar Toh Katta Hoga, Kabhi Chalaya Hai?

Haan, tumpar chalakar dikhaun?? -_-


On a closing note, I would like to say that Bihari is not someone who is uncivilized, unhygienic, conservative, into crimes, has weapons, use curse words frequently, deficient in English, has a funny accent, and mispronounce English words. But rather Bihari is one who originates from Bihar.

We should open our eyes and see each other as individuals rather than seeing them through our stereotypical lens. As Queen Rania of Jordan has well said, “We shouldn’t judge people through the prism of our own stereotypes.”

:: This post is co-written by another TSA writer, Ashba Rizvi.

:: All the designs are created by TSA writer, Anas Zeeshan.

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