8 Times When Tanishq Breaks The Stereotype With Its Ads

Tanishq has been introducing its jewellery to us through various progressive Ads, lets have a look at some of them...


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Tanishq is a well-known jewellery brand by the TATA group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO). Launched in the 1980s by the Titan company as an attempt to earn its foreign exchange, Tanishq has come a very long way today. In their over 30 years long run, they have seen bad and good days both but losses didn’t tear their will apart. Tanishq now is known for the delicate designs and the prices they offer not just for women but men as well. Along with the jewellery they have also given us various stories to hold in our heart as well as learn from them.

Today, TSA bring you some of those stories told by Tanishq through their jewellery Ads.

1. 2010 Ad: Tanishq Glam Gold

This Ad pictured how beauty is not on the skin but is deep in the soul. And the beauty of the soul reflects when someone leaves something good of their own for the good of others. This beauty of the soul is not reflected by any two people but by two women breaking the stereotype that two women cannot see the other grow on the cost of their own.


Another Ad which speaks of the same definition of beauty is reflected by another Ad of this very collection by Tanishq’s.

2. 2013 Ad: Tanishq MIA Film

This Ad gives such a beautiful message out there that one’s work is one’s beauty and nothing and absolutely nothing can replace that.


3. 2013 Ad: Tanishq Wedding

This Ad beautifully shared the story of the second marriage of a single mother and how beautifully the to-be-husband supports not just the woman but her daughter as well. The Ad not just presented a refreshing fictional story but it also broke various stereotypes in a short span of 1 minute and 30 seconds. From the remarriage of a woman and not just any woman but one with a dark complexion, and despite having a child, that too a girl child to the true affection reflected from the stepfather to the stepdaughter, this Ad broke way too many stereotypes.

4. 2014 Ad: Tanishq’s Pehla Heera for your daughter-in-law

This Ad beautifully broke the stereotype of the relationship of in-laws and the daughter-in-law being devoid of love. The Ad not just did it by presenting the diamond jewellery but even the thought of the father-in-law sending an unexpected token of e-love to the daughter-in-law broke the stereotype in its own little way.

5. 2016 Ad: Tanishq Niloufer Collection

Picture Credits: Tanishq

It is surprising how Tanishq always gets their Ads right at presenting the world a progressive path to follow. This Ad beautifully presented the life of a woman who dares to do something which is not really expected out of her and how in that way she has gone through so many “SORRYs” at so many places and to so many people.

6. 2017 Ad: Tanishq Proposal Solitaires

This Ad beautifully broke the stereotype of proposals we normally get through our prestigious Bollywood that the proposals need to be extravagant with elaborate confessions of love. When in reality it can be too simple with the truth as simple as “I don’t think I know how to have fun without you; will you marry me?”

7. 2017 Ad: Tanishq’s Valentine’s Day

This Ad beautifully presented the message that love isn’t booked for a particular relation rather it is for every relation of this world; including the relationship we have with ourselves.

9. 2020 Ad: Tanishq’s Ekatvam

Image Source: Tanishq

Last but not the least, their latest Ad which started attracting so much hatred from the viewers right after its release is a beautiful not-so-fictional story of how Muslim and Hindu households blend in this beautiful country of ours, which has been and always will be promoting love and oneness.


Do you know some other brand who has been promoting a progressive mindset through Ads or other means? If yes, do let us know in the comments section below. Also, keep checking our entertainment section for more such content.

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