The All New Jio Drive In Theatre Has Revived The Traditional Cinematic Experience

Have you ever seen a movie outside, on a rooftop, or inside a car? A once-in-a-lifetime experience that the elders may have relished is now available in Mumbai. The Jio Drive In Theatre, located on Jio World Drive in BKC, Mumbai, is India's first open-air rooftop.

The All New Jio Drive In Theatre Has Revived The Traditional Cinematic Experience

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This new theatre is erected on the same site as Mumbai’s first drive-in theatre, which opened in 1977. The Jio Drive-In Theatre, which is located near Maker Maxity in BKC  and spans 17.5 acres with a capacity of 290 cars, features a variety of gourmet outlets as well as Indian and foreign brands.

This experience has grown and improved because of current technology, comfort, and extravagant services.  As you approach the driveway, you’ll be excited at the theatre-like atmosphere that leads to a stunning rooftop.

Pricing And Tickets

When it comes to ticketing and cost, unlike other movie theatres, where you must pay per passenger, you must pay per vehicle here. One automobile equals one ticket, and no more than four people are permitted in a single vehicle.

The price ranges from Rs1200 on weekdays to Rs2,000 on weekends.

The shows are scheduled at 7:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., so you can choose which one you want.


To avoid any damage, the automobiles must be packed in a precise order, starting with a sedan and progressing to an SUV.  The film is shown on a 24×10 built-in board projector screen.

It’s entirely up to you whether you want to sit on the lawn or inside the car and listen to the audio through your car speakers by tuning into the 88.5 frequency radio.

You can sit in a comfy chair and watch the movie; the ambiance is well-illuminated, and the setting is extremely well-designed; nevertheless, unlike watching movies in enclosed locations, this will be right under the sky.

If you are tall and sit in the back seat, you may not receive decent clarity, or you can relax and enjoy the movie while sitting on the car’s top roof. 

This movie night is especially enjoyable during the winter months when it is chilly and windy.

Fooding And Meals

While watching the movie, you may also order a full-course dinner from the concession stand, which includes popcorn, pizzas, pasta, Frankie, and sandwiches. 

But there’s also a food truck where you can have Chaat, Chinese Pav Bhaji, Mexican or Italian food, and a variety of other local delicacies.  According to various reviews, the pizzas, as well as the samosas, are too amazing and delectable. The coffee is also mind-blowing.

In a metropolis like Mumbai, a movie under the stars may seem like a long shot. In actuality, however, the concept isn’t that far off., in fact. Now, in the heart of Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex, there is now a fresh new rooftop cinema. The Jio Drive-in theatre, in Jio World Drive Mall, warmly welcomes moviegoers who want to watch their favorite film from the comfort of their own cars, with some great refreshments on the side, of course.

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