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The Blood After Violence is mostly green, implies Madani

“Jaan, maal, izzat, aabroo — on all these parameters, it has become clear that Muslims have been reduced to second-class citizens,” says Mehmood Madani.


Member of the UP Rashtriya Lok Dal as well as the general secretary of the Muslim organisation, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, Maulana Mehmood A Madani in an interview with The Print, scathed the Delhi Pogrom and called out upon classical Islamophobia that has now become prevalent in the country.

In accord with his words, he directed towards the communal bent of the radical rights – the apparent guise of reactionary factions, who were pertinent in communalising the arrests involved in the Delhi riots. He further averred that violence intrinsically leads to arrests but it has been a general trend that Muslims are massacred in riots perpetrated across communal lines and then the last straw is added in-essentially by further arresting more Muslims.

“Whether it is riots that have taken place under the rule of BJP or Samajwadi Party or Congress, the one thing that’s common is that more Muslims get killed, more Muslims’ property is destroyed, and more Muslims are arrested,” he said in an interview with ThePrint.

On 23rd February, the goal of religious persecution on the grounds of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ came by the ripples of mass mobilization, cyber pessimism, provocative hate-mongering and religious ‘nationalism’ leading to a high tide of north-east Delhi communal riots that left 200+ injured, 53 killed, 2200 arrested and detained, the arrests were inclusive of activists and students who were active participators of the Anti CAA-NRC protests.

Madani asserted that the Indian Judiciary has demonstrated abysmal failure in morality and rationality through its law enforcement agencies that has been arresting and politically avenging people who’ve only democratically protested within the constitutional limits of their nation. He further questions the unaccountability of gratuitous and inflammatory slogans made by certain leaders and that their liberty to still roam free in the country remained incomprehensible to the masses and Madani himself. 

There are instances where these leaders are found vocalising their inherent bigotry and hate towards the minority community:

Kapil Mishra’s tweet where he claims that the Shaheen Bagh protesters are ‘Pakistani sponsored’. (Source: Twitter)


Few moments prior to the violence, BJP leader Kapil Mishra was witnessed and accused of allegedly inciting hatred through the promulgation of provocative utterances at a Pro-CAA rally at Maujpur Chowk.

BJP MP Parvesh Verma was accused of creating a reign of terror while threatening the Shaheen Bagh protesters that they’ll induce a total wipeout by creating a Kashmir-like situation and enter homes and rape ‘sisters and daughters’.


Union Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur during his Assembly election campaign in Delhi, chanted the infamous ‘Desh ke Gaddaron ko, Goli Maaro Saalon ko’ slogan that caused bitter dissensions in the country.

Delhi CM’s Inarticulacy:

Arvind Kejriwal’s stance on the mayhem was disputed and questioned by Madani. The centre of the anti-CAA demonstrations was in the national capital, and its patron was found seeking refuge in a cobweb with his ears in the field and eyes on the farm.

Amidst the pandemonium, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who was elected for the third consecutive term by Delhiites, failed to even lift a finger at the protest sites and his reticency on the remonstrations, riots, and persecution of the protesters made his voter’s yarns turn back to cotton.

Constitutional Suicide in a Democracy:

“Jaan, maal, izzat, aabroo — on all these parameters, it has become clear that Muslims have been reduced to second-class citizens,” he said. “I want to say more, but I am stopping myself as I don’t want the community to feel hopeless. But all evidence shows we are definitely second-class citizens now.” – Madani, in an interview with ThePrint.

The Hindu Nationalist – Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and Minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah, stood on the majoritarian edge while passing the controvertible Citizenship Amendment Act, that classified Muslims as the second class citizens of the country thereby violating the Fundamental Right to Equality (Constitution’s Article 14).

The Act challenged the supremacy of pluralism and diversity of the Indian consortium by ostracizing the minority community and stripping them off their citizenship.

Hearkening back to the 2002 Gujarat Pogrom and the 2013 Muzaffarnagar Riots, Madani affirmed that these riots weren’t communistic and deemed the police’s actions as a persona non grata for these heinous cases.

Disproportionate Coverage of the Pandemic by the Mainstream Media:

Screengrab of YouTube thumbnails.

Madani asserted that both the negative press media as well as the Bhagwa Raj are to be held responsible for the communalisation of the pandemic in the country,” Madani said, adding that this has led to the propagation of xenophobia amongst the civilians.

Madani connoted the Tablighi Jamaat assemblage that came about in Delhi’s Nizamuddin in March,  forward as one of the COVID-19’s incentive hotspots. This led to the resurgence of xenophobic tweets like Corona Jihad, Tablighi Jamaat Virus, Bio Jihad, Muslim Virus, etc.

COVID Communism (Members of  Tablighi Jamaat: File photo)


“Everything bad they could associate with them, they did. I am surprised they haven’t yet been accused of being involved in anti-national activities since they have already been accused of everything else that is bad,” Madani stated to ThePrint.  

The dominant subjugation and stigmatisation of the Muslim minority by extremists and radicals has deterred the fundamental building of the nation, thereby threatening the resolution of sovereign socialist secular democratic and republic security of the Indian Constitution or just the idea of a Mahaan Bharat.

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