These infections readily spread in Autumn

The shift from hot humid monsoon to the dry cool winds influences the outbreak of a few common yet overwhelming diseases.

These infections readily spread in Autumn

With the approaching delights of festivals with lots of sweets and fireworks and the ongoing autumn season known for its beauty of “change”. With the colouration of leaves, hazy daylights, and welcoming the anticipated winters, everything is alluring about this season. However, this shift is not often effortless for our immune system as the Fall is also known as the “Season of Allergies”, you are not alone in the battle of suffering from flu these days. The threat of some common but agonizing diseases is also arriving with the weather alteration. It is important to take utmost precautions and care for yourself from the following disease before they catch you off-guard. 

Common Cold 

Among various systems of the body that suffers the most during the weather, change is the Respiratory System because of the numerous environmental conditions and the entrance of disease-causing pathogens through the nose or mouth.

The common cold is usually caused by Rhinovirus and is interpreted as a harmless disease of the upper respiratory tract but the symptoms may contradict the statements. Nonetheless, the symptoms last for roughly a week to 10 days and are generally self curable. 

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Symptoms include:

Allergic Asthma

Not only autumn but winters are worse for asthmatics as the cold breeze could be one of the major triggers. Though the triggers vary from person to person, some people are more susceptible to the conditions like dust, pollen, smoke while others are more sensitive to weather conditions like cold, humidity, or maybe occasionally food allergens. The varying stimulus is different to different persons which further stimulates a further cascade of reactions in the body makes it harder to eradicate the disease from the roots. 

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Symptoms of asthma are as follows:

If you have any of the upper indications which are frequent and affecting your day-to-day life then we prefer that you should prescribe to your physician rather than relying on home remedies exclusively. 

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can be extremely irritating and painful. It arises largely due to dysfunction of Meibomian Gland (MGD), a gland present on lower eyelids that continuously synthesize oil to lubricate the eyes well and prevent the tears from drying out. But due to certain conditions, the meibomian gland’s function is affected resulting in redness, flared vision, and grittiness in the eyes. A few directions to reduce the symptoms of MGD induced dry eyes are warm compressions, lid massages, and adequate hygiene of margins of the eye.

Further, causes of dry eyes are described below: 

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Many a time, the dirt, and minor particles from the dry shedding leaves which are extreme in this season reach the eye and causes inflammation in the outer convective layer of the eye called Conjunctiva resulting in redness in the eyelids (pink eye), tingling sensation, intense pain and sometimes a discharge of pus have also been observed from one or both the eyes. Thus, the condition is called conjunctivitis. However, bacteria may also cause this disorder, like species of staphylococcus.

Myalgia/muscle ache 

Myalgia is not a disease but according to the researchers, most people complain that their pre-existing muscular issues usually worsen with the onset of autumn and last till the end of the winters.

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Discomfort caused by bone fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular strain, etc deteriorates with the winters. Though, the cases are very subjective and vary from person to person.

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