Top 6 Most Luxurious Sunglasses of 2023

luxurious sunglasses

If you’re thinking about investing in a pair of luxury sunglasses in 2023, then we have exactly the information you need! The right pair of shades can elevate any look and add significantly to your style credentials – as well as, crucially, provide protection for your eyes against UVA and UVB damage.

Below you’ll find our pick of the best luxury sunglasses of this season from some of the most exclusive and high-end designers. But you may need to be quick – some of these options are on very limited runs!

Jacques Marie Mage – 2023 Collection

Jacques Marie Mage is based in Hollywood, California, and is a long-term purveyor of luxury, limited-edition eyewear. This brand’s high-quality shades are always extremely sought after and have an annoying tendency to sell out quickly!

Heritage art movements like Art Deco and American Folk inspire this season’s sunglasses collection. Each pair of sunglasses is crafted from precious materials and incorporates a range of rich jewel colors, and the collection features stand-out geometric forms. Ethical, fair production values are of fundamental importance to Jacques Marie Mage, which is reflected in every element of the manufacturing process.

Expect to pay between around $700 and $1,100 for a pair of shades from this designer.

Ray-Ban – Wayfarers

The much-imitated but never matched Wayfarers from Ray-Ban have been sported by superstars and the glitterati for decades. What makes this particular style so loved is its versatility: a pair of Wayfarers look just as great with a pair of worn-in jeans and a sweater as they do with a suit and tie.

For 2023, this iconic style gets a new twist: a fully foldable frame for ultimate portability! Best of all, the unique design doesn’t compromise on the high level of durability that Ray-Ban shades are famous for.

A pair of Ray-Ban foldable Wayfarers will set you back around £160.

Chanel – Rectangle Sunglasses

Brand new for 2023, Chanel’s rectangle-framed sunglasses epitomize elegance and chic. Made in Italy and incorporating 100% UVA and UVB protection and prescription friendly, there are five different colored frames to choose from.

This shape of the frame is very on-trend and looks super flattering on those with round or oval-shaped faces. They offer timeless styling and will turn even the most relaxed of outfits into a well-put-together-looking ensemble.

As well as standard fit, these shades are available in ‘alternative fit,’ meaning you can get the size that suits you best. They cost – brace yourself – $1,120.

Prada – Linea Rossa

Prada released their Linea Rossa collection in 2023, and all of the shades are standout options. The red stripe motif emblazoned on the temple, and the lens decal add a contemporary air of mystique, while the wide-fit, bold frames make for a simple yet strong styling statement.

The secure frame shape makes the shades in this collection a good choice for those who like to be active, although it’s important to note that they’re not polarized. The type of frame incorporated should be flattering on most face shapes but will be particularly successful when worn by those with oval, square, or heart-shaped faces.

Expect to pay in the region of $225 for a pair of shades from Prada’s Linea Rossa collection.

Balenciaga – Blue Shield 2.0

Looking for a pair of sunglasses that won’t get lost in the crowd? Then Balenciag’s new-for-2023 shades could be a perfect choice. These shield-style metal sunglasses with blue mirror lenses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, adjustable rubber nose pads for superior comfort, and the Balenciaga logo on the temple tip. The latter for no other reason than it looks epic.

And if sustainable living is important to you, these sunglasses fit the bill, too: Balenciaga is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and investing in carbon removal products.

The Blue Shield 2.0 cost around $486 – and if you love the style but aren’t sure about the color, you’ll be pleased to know they’re also available in black.

Dunhill – Rollagas Square Frame

Manufactured with precision-cut metals and incorporating UV-protecting lenses in contrasting tints, Dunhill’s Rollagas Square Frame sunglasses are sure to become an instant eyewear classic. The square titanium frames and textual engraving on the arms are part of a dynamic styling that is unlikely to ever go out of fashion. The engraving makes reference to previous designs from the Dunhill archive – a lovely touch.

This 2023 offering from Dunhill is durable and highly versatile, so while you’ll need to fork out somewhere in the ballpark of $500 for a pair, this is likely to be a great wardrobe investment.

Summer of Style 2023

If you’re looking for a luxury pair of sunglasses for the summer 2023 season, then any option from the list above will fit the bill nicely! From elegant frames from Chanel to classic Wayfarers that you can wear with anything, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your personal style preferences.

These aren’t exactly budget options, but given that each pair will last you for years, perhaps they’re actually the more economical choice. And thinking about those Chanel shades…where did I put my credit card…

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