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Trump’s another effort to discredit the presidential election, squashed by the U.S Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court terminated the 11th-hour effort by President Trump to prevent the installation of Joe Biden as president.


Friday night, the U.S. Supreme Court terminated the 11th-hour effort by President Trump to prevent the installation of Joe Biden as president. The hopes of Trump were based on a lawsuit filed by Texas in four primary states – Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan – attempting to nullify the election outcome. However, the court stated Texas has no legal rights to challenge another state on such premises in a three-sentence order.

The court’s action came in a one-page order, which stated that the allegation was denied “for lack of standing.”

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Supported by Trump

Supported by President Trump, Texas tried without proof to sue Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan, alleging fraud. But for a state to bring a case to court, a state must prove it has been damaged. In actuality, the court said that Texas could not demonstrate that the way other states conducted their elections injured it.

Kevin McCarthy, the highest-ranking U.S. Republican Earlier in the day when the House of Representatives had attached its name to 125 fellow House Republicans who endorsed the longshot bid by Trump. The most noteworthy congressperson to support the suit was McCarthy.

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That one was unclear as to why or how the Texas Attorney General, Paxton, decided in the case to carry Trump’s water. Particularly since all four targeted states possess Republican-controlled legislatures, and to date, the fraud allegations have been found unsubstantiated by both state and federal courts at lower levels, which include President’s-appointed judges.

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The extraordinary aspect of the Paxton suit added to the fact that Kyle Hawkins, the state’s chief appeal lawyer, did not sign the Texas brief as he would normally do, has prompted rumours that Paxton is trying to seek a pardon. He is presently under indictment for defrauding the state, and the FBI is investigating accusations of corruption and abuse of authority.


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