Twitter, Facebook and others yet to fully comply with Govt guidelines

The deadline for the new laws and regulations that were stated by the government three months ago for the big social media sites is ending tomorrow. This is threatening the operation of the likes on Twitter in India.

According to the reporter the social media platforms such as that Twitter, Facebook, and others have not yet complied with the laws set and notified by the gazette of India on February 25 under the Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics and Codes Rules 2021.

These rules of the government are coming into force on the 26th of May that is tomorrow and these social media sites had yet not abided by it which is threatening their existence and working in India.

Picture credit: Jammu Metro

It has been stated if all these media platforms do not abide by it then they might lose their status and protection in the territory of India. As per the report apart from the Koo app, none of the other social media sites had yet adopted and abided by these laws and rules.

The failure of the sites to do so will result in the arbitrary suspension of the account and the bigotry on the social media platform. This action has been taken looking forward to the complaints made by the Indian citizens against these working tech giants like Twitter and Facebook and others.

In the latest alleged Congress Toolkit controversy, the Delhi Police visited Twitter India’s local offices in the National Capital Region on Monday after Twitter had noted one of the tweets of BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra as “manipulated media”.

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Twitter’s presumptive judgement has triggered widespread outrage among Indian users. According to the source, the platform which was required to furnish monthly reports and grievances have failed to do so.  Some of the sources have also confirmed that they have more time than 6-months  to do so.

Some of the platforms has said that they are waiting for the standard reply from their company’s headquarter that is in the US, who in turn on their own will have an “expert assessment” to take a view.

The US-based platform has gained a lot of success because most of its users in India. However, none of these organisations is abiding by the domestic laws of the country. Instead, these platforms have refused to be transparent about their fact-checking mechanism and their criteria to label tweets.

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