Throwing The Spotlight On The Underappreciated Singer Tanzeel Khan

Tanzeel Khan.. a singer and composer who is underrated and not much known. Mark our words, there is no going back after you've listened to him.

Throwing The Spotlight On The Underappreciated Singer Tanzeel Khan

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‘Music is food for the soul,’ as the saying goes. We typically resort to music to soothe ourselves when we are unhappy, irritated, or demotivated.

We adore music, and we adore creators who include or produce incredible tunes even more. Tanzeel Khan, a member of the popular creator group DamnFam, is one such great influencer.

He is a wonderful singer and composer in addition to being a talented content developer. He’s been featured in or made some incredible music in the previous few months, and we can’t get enough of them.

If you’re looking for some soulful music, here are tracks by Tanzeel that you simply must hear!

1. Manzil

The most you can hope for is to have someone by your side when you’re at your worst. The hurt begins to heal if you have even one person in your life who can distract you from unpleasant thoughts.

The sorrow of being deceived was communicated by Tanzeel’s voice, yet someone like Manav’s voice stood by him, giving rise to “Manzil.”

2. Yeh Dil

For the one who has been shattered, a shard. When everything between you and your love abruptly ceases, leaving you in excruciating pain, this song allows us to empathize with every word.

Tanzeel Khan is the best person to put it into words. The sensation appears to be dreadful, and his voice reflects this.

3. Falsafa

This song is about the time when you keep thinking about your unrequited love and hoping that it will end happily.

Even though it is unsatisfactory to be betrayed in love, the beauty of it cannot be disregarded because it is the most unselfish thing you can do when you are hopeless about them yet care and feel more about them.

4. Khwahish

This song is about the experience of falling in love. That sensation is unlike any other and cannot be expressed in words.

Each line is beautifully sung, and listening to it soothes our emotions. It’s a blessing to be surrounded by all those gorgeous flowers of care.

5. Socha Nahi Tha

Misunderstandings can lead to distance and ignorance, and small arguments with your partner can occasionally snowball into serious difficulties.

This piece depicts a person’s separation from their love, which first does not affect them but eventually causes them to regret their decision.

6. Dastaan

A ballad about finding oneself again. You begin to accept the reality that they are actually gone, as Tanzeel Khan depicts in this composition how one tries to reclaim his true self to find stability and joy.

7. Kaisi hai ye Daastaan

What if they returned? You initially feel obligated to be there with them, but you quickly realize that fate cannot separate you two.

The way Tanzeel Khan and Akasa put an end to it, showed us that love never dies, but it can occasionally require a person to make a sacrifice for it.

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