Violent protest in Chad, two killed


Two people were killed in the ongoing protest in Chad against the rule of the transitional military council headed by the son of late President Idris Deby Into. People who die included the man who was shot dead in Moundou, in southern Chad, and another person who died in the capital according to the local reporters. 

Even after the ban on the protest, the opposition called for demonstrations. The police fired tear gas to disperse the protesters in Chad’s capital. 

Picture credit: BBC

The protesters demand the power to be handed to the civilians. While the protest was going on people became violent and burned the gas station and tires. Many of the protesters and journalist were detained by the police in order to control the matter 

France and Congo strongly recommend the crackdown on protest in Chad and called for the end of the violence. The presidencies of both countries have decided to support the inclusive transition process with an aim to organize elections within 18 months. A meeting was held in Paris where the France and Congo Presidents released the statement that they are looking for the stability and integrity of Chad. 

Deby was elected as a president and soon after the announcement of this, he was killed by the rebelling mob who were against Deby. The military then appointed a council lead with 18 months of wait for the new election and appointed Debby’s 37 years old son Mahamat Idriss Deby in charge of Chad. This is said to be the first change of power in more than three decades. 

This appointment of the son raised a protest from the opposition and the rebel force. In which two people were killed.


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